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Come See My Shows!

Please show your support if you are in the Denver area. I'm lined up to do some acoustic shows this fall. I'd love to see you there.

My thoughts for the day....

Sometimes it's not about the recording equipment, the producer, the room, etc, (remember Jack Johnson is a recent version of someone who recorded an album in a cheap studio within a few days that ended up platinum and gold selling records across the world). "Highway 61 Revisited", Bob Dylan, another great example of a poorly done album that many(including Rolling Stone, MTV, VH1, etc) have praised it's "greatness" as being one of, if not the, "best album in rock history".. And not to mention some midwestern faves, "Wilco" with their beautifully orchestrated, yet somewhat depressive, tunes that will help you cry yourself to sleep when you need to, out of a loft in Chi-town. Great music comes from true emotion, not just the digital replication of that emotion.

Most people don't know the difference between a great mix and master to a not so great mix and master, and they are the one's who will be listening. The music snobs, amazingly, make up a very small amount of our population. Music has to feel good, and when the musicians are recording it, they must love it. Not only that, they need to be knowing that they love it when they are doing it. Brian Wilson would often stop his musicians and singers during recording sessions, because he could detect that they were feeling a negative emotion while laying down the track or singing the vocals. It doesn't matter if the music is new or old, great quality or "not so great" (notice I don't use the term "shitty" when describing my perception of recording qualities), if the feeling is there, then the listeners will follow that feeling.


Hi Americans, today I am here to talk to you about douchebags. They exist in every walk of life. They like to disguise themselves are artists, actors, musicians, religions fanatics, or even your average everyday normal soccer mom. Not all are of douche. Let me get this straight, 99.9% of the population are decent, loving, moral and ethical people, but there are the few, the weak, the cowards, the untalented, the fakes, the ones who don't have a statement except for what their superior tells them to state, and so on. There needs to be a camp where they can all go and be shitty with one another. This way they could see how it feels to be douched out by someone else. I am sick of cowards. Just say what you mean. Be impeccable with your word. If you must lie, please do so to yourself, not others. While I can't stand it when someone fibs or degenerates their presence, I'd rather them do it to themselves, than to other hard working people. We don't have room in our working society for douchebags. If you see them, tell them to leave your presence. They can drain all of your positive energy. Don't be friends with them, they will only betray you for something shallow. I hope this was a positive message to try and rid or cure the douchebags in our society. They can be cured but they must do it on their own. Don't try to cure them yourself, you will only be exhausted for no good cause. A douchebag will remain in their douche world, or they will become a real person and live up to their word. Don't be a douche! Don't communicate with a douche or you might become one. Thanks for reading.