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Dealys are behind us

The band ran into some delays in our plans for 2014, but they are all done and cleared, and it's time to pick up the pace and get things moving. We will be lining up shows soon, and will be hitting the studio to start putting the debut album together this summer. Stay tuned!


So, we haven't properly announced, but we have a new drummer, Patrick McKeown, and he's ready to rock live shows and record our debut album.

We have quite a lot in store for 2014!

Shows and recordings

Greetings folks! So far we have 2 shows lined up for this summer, with plans for more in August. We have begin laying down tracks for our debut album, Carousel, and are aiming to have it ready to ship by the end of August.

Before that, however, we are recording a separate single song to help out people who can't afford to get their homes raised to meet the new FEMA flood regulations here on the NJ coast. Expect to see "Down, But Not Out" available for sale this summer!

Hurricane Sandy

As you may or may not know, our band is from the NJ Shore area, and while we were lucky that none of us our our loved ones were badly affected by the storm, there's quite a few towns that were devastated.

We are part of the shore community, and have vowed to help out however we can, so people can get back on their feet and rebuild our community.

The switcheroo

As those of you following our band may know, we've been playing "musical drummers" this summer, but have found a talented drummer that fits us both musically and personality wise. Look out for a new and improved Carnival of Shadows soon!

Summer is here!

Summer's here and we're lining up shows in NYC and NJ. Check for more announcements - 2 confirmed shows and one more will be confirmed soon.

Gearing up for the Carnival season!

Darren's recovering well, and we're getting ready to lock in some summer show dates, which will be announced soon. In the meantime, check out our re-recording of our song, Carousel. This is the first recorded song to feature our "new" drummer, Tom Booker. Enjoy!

A brief update for now...

So Darren's in a sling for a bit, so we're waiting for him to mend up before scheduling new shows. Fear not! The Carnival will be out in full force this summer!

Moving in the right direction

Things are going well with our new drummer, and we'll be recording new songs soon. We have 12 of 14 songs written for our debut album, Carousel. We've also acquired some solid contacts and have been breaking into the music scene in LA and NYC. We plan to be back up and running, with new music and live shows at some point in April or May. More info as it comes along!