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Tracks For Sale !!!!! Bundles Also 4 Sale Multiple Genres

!!!!! This CD on sale at CDbaby.com keep checkin here for new tracks not yet on sale!!! Word


Yo! Here are a few tracks on sale now!! 14 Tracks CDbaby.com VOL.1

Here Ya GO!!!

Album Name- Charcole Willie and the Smoke Stacks VOL 1. on sale CDbaby.com 14 Tracks just a few here.

THE CD IS READY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11172008 OK Its Here!! CDs now ready for sale! The NEW cd will be posted soon!!!!!!!!!!! peace AIW

First What Up! 10292008

Welcome ... YO Tracks here are older just to satisfy your curiosity. CD coming soon!!! Check the West side for those flyers ....release NOV08 AIW