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So Long 2017...Don't Give Up in 2018!

As i begin to pen this blog entry I can't help but to get a little emotional as 2017 brought so much to my life. After 3 years of courtship I married my love and after spending most of the year fostering our little boy Clark was officially adopted this month. He brings us so much joy and is our greatest gift. It is quite fitting that my latest release "Don't Give Up On Love" champions the principle of following your heart with determination and grit. I am happy to announce that after working on my own original music since 2012, our first album release in 2015, several singles in 2016 and 1 EP in 2017 the latest single has garnered #3 breakout status on the Billboard Dance Charts which means we are very close to charting. We have been getting airplay stateside with Kiss Fm in Eufala, Alabama and SW Georgia and will shortly be getting airplay in Essex on PhoenixFM with more to follow. Dirty Disco just released a Pillow Biters Remix of Don't Give Up On Love with more work and promotion should help it chart! It's been an honor being #1 on the Reverbnation Dallas Pop Charts but achieving this Billboard chart will be a dream come true. Rest assured I will not be giving up on love. I am working on a new album now also which is more of my electronic sound that I discovered after my first album. I am wishing you and yours a prosperous 2018. Remember, Don't Give Up On Love! I didn't!

Love abounds this Winter...It's Electrotastic

I have plenty to be thankful for this Winter. My latest original single. "Don't Give Up On Love" featuring Jedidiah breeze releases on Thanksgiving. We have two different videos to release also. I am excited to announce we will have airplay on Kiss 104.7 in Georgia/Alabama and will also have feature content there as well as Phoenix 98 FM in Essex, UK. Not only this there is a full on dance assault heading to the Billboard dance charts 12/6 with Mixes from the Perry Twins, Drew G, KC Anderson, James Anthony, Maraud3r, Nitemover, The Degenerates and C Rod. I'm over the moon excited as the message of this song is near and dear to my heart. To me it is truly a message that needs to be heard in today's political climate. I wish you and yours a tremendous Thanksgiving. Much Love from D Town....Jay

Announcing a new single and video release 11/23!

I have had a lot of positive things happen in my life recently. It hasn't all come easy. Those challenges provide much rewards if you're strong enough to persevere. I can't wait to share, but will have to wait a bit longer. In the meantime, today's news and political climate leave MUCH to be desired. I've decided to release my latest collaboration with Jedidiah Breeze on Thanksgiving, 11/23, as we have much to be thankful for in life. When life and the world presents challenges it's important that we "Don't Give Up On Love'. This is the title to the latest release. We hope you enjoy and keep up the good fight!

We're on Cake Hunters! 8/18 9pm CST Cooking Channel

I have had a lot of personal life changes going on and will happily share in a future post. In the meantime you can catch Jay Michaels and me on the Cooking Chanel's Cake Hunters 8/18 at 9pm cst. You'll get great insight into our life with our chickens, puppies, friends and more. This episode will have big drama to boot. It's an epic battle between peanut butter and red velvet. You will have to tune in to see which cake wins! Oh and we have a new music video coming out too. It's a timely piece in this political climate about not giving up on love and doing what is right by following your heart. Austin born LA-based Jedidiah breeze lays down some slick raps on the track with his spin too!

MAY I release new music?

The month of May flew by and many great things happened. I am boarding a plane to spend some r and r with family in Colorado. I hear there is still snow there which is quite a contrast to the warmth of Texas. I am working diligently creating a new music video to release in conjunction with my previously unreleased single "Don't Give Up On Love" featuring Jedidiah Breeze. It's an anthem to keep us moving forward in today's trying political climate. Release date is coming this Summer, but TBD. It will be a fitting release date. Stay tuned. For my American friends please enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend and remember those such as both my Grandfathers who have fought sacrificing their lives for our freedoms.

April was ahmazing.

I had an amazing time with my friends and family celebrating my milestone birthday. I'm grateful for the love and support. My sister and friend Rob journeyed with me to Puerto Rico. Those isles really are enchanted. The bioluminescent bay is a surreal sight to behold and the charm of old San Juan leaves you wanting more. Marmalade has amazing food, while the El Convento hotel is a 17th century bourique hotel with impeccable service. We've been shooting for a reality show and have much news to share in the coming months. Have a great May!

A very chill time in Central America

We recently returned from our Honeymoon in Belize, Honduras and Mexico. The vivid cultures surrounded by crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches are a must visit. We have several projects on the horizon so please keep checking back for new updates on what to see! Some of my latest musical inspiration has come from the Artist Jem. You can check her out here: http://jem-music.com/ I personally dig her songs "They" and "It's Amazing" electro dubtronics with keys, uplifting lyrics and warm vocals make her music a must listen. I'll be going to Morrissey (That is if he doesn't cancel a 4th time) this month. Say a prayer he plays and I may in fact dance my leg down to my knee....

We tied the knot!

We are so elated we got married this past 02.17.2017. My husband Jay Michaels are busy planning next steps in our life but we couldn't be more happy. We thank everyone who came to support us and also donated to the breast cancer research fund in memory of my mother or the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for elephant conservation, a cause which is dear to my Jay's heart. On another positive note, I am also thrilled my music has charted to #5 on the Dallas Reverbnation Pop singles. With faith and love anything is possible. Stay tuned for some killer collaboration I have coming your way with Jedidiah Breeze to combat the strife in today's world and unite. Love and Peace!

Getting Married!

I am thrilled to announce we are getting married. We have friends coming from Oregon, Chicago, Los Angeles and all over to celebrate our union. Please wish us well in our future together. I will share more details after the event!

Happy Holidays and Happy new year!

The October New Orleans performance was a success and an honor to share with my dear friends Dena and Kent. I hope you have a great holiday with your family. In 2017 I have great news as my music will be available on Pandora. Listen for me there. I wish you much success in 2017!