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In April, We must remember the Joy we have and Give Back while Living for Today

I am so humbled by the outpouring of support for the release of my posthumous tribute to my mother, All We Have Is today. It has been a little over a month since the video release on Youtube. I am proud to say it is the most viewed of all my works with over 41,000 views. This month I am focusing on mastering the live version of Resolute performed at Unity in Fort Worth. Christi Rodriguez, Cricket Hackney, Paul John Roach and Larissa Cherkasov were instrumental in creating this version. A portion of the sales will be donated to Unity, their mission and the Brain Injury Association of America . The song is being mastered by Mike Kalajian and Steve Kondracki at Rogue Planet Mastering in New York. Release Date will be in May or June, dedicated to the memory of my dear friend Stacy Fawcett. The song is about being Resolute in your faith, much like Stacy was. Earlier this month I lost Stacy Fawcett, a dear friend due to tragic events surrounding her son's head injury from a concussion. She was one of my most loyal friends who always made time for me. She was the best listener. We would donate our time volunteering for various food pantries. The world lost an angel on earth as her external beauty was only surpassed by her internal selflessness. She spent her life raising her beautiful boys as a single parent and sadly they all lost their lives while she was protecting her son from himself. I celebrate my birthday on 4/24. My wish for this birthday is for parents to really become aware of the threats of head injuries to their children playing sports. This head injury senselessly took the lives of Stacy and both her children, the three amigos. Stacy showed me what compassion looked like. If you feel so obliged please donate to the Brain Injury Association of America in memory of our cherished, Stacy Fawcett, http://www.biausa.org/ . I am devastated over her loss and will never forget the gifts she gave just by being present. The world is a better place thanks to Stacy.

Days go by even years, but it never makes it easier....

Thirteen years ago on March 4, 2003 after a yearlong battle with breast cancer, I lost my mother. She was more than just a mother to me. She was my best friend, confidant, greatest teacher and biggest cheerleader. I can still remember my tear-filled drives to Fort Worth from Dallas. It was an unusually bitter winter that year. White sheets of ice covered the roads. NOTHING would stop me from being by her side. I would hold her hand and sing to her the songs she would play at our family piano. Though she was heavily sedated when I did this, she would start to arise from the bed. She could hear me somewhere somehow in that deep medication fog she was sedated under. I lost her after about a week of this. I elected to stay home that morning as I couldn't bear to see her pass and the light slip from her body. I was trapped in uncontrollable fits of sorrow. I then buried myself in my job at the Radio Network. Not a day has gone by that I don't think about her. Overtime, I realized that though she wasn't with me physically any more, she will always live in me through the lessons she taught me and the love she gave. This is my tribute to the most influential person of my life. My hope is somehow somewhere someway she can hear me like she was able to on that hospital bed. She even teaches me in death. For I have learned that "All We Have Is Today." If there is anything you need to accomplish or make right, the only moment to do that is now. There may not be a tomorrow. I do know when my life is through I will have accomplished all I set out to do. I look forward to seeing her eye to eye at the end of my journey again. I hope you all enjoy the song, and video. Be sure to tell those you love how important they really are. The song is available digitally everywhere.

New Video Release 3/4/16

The latest video will be released on 3/4/16 along with the single for "All We Have Is Today." The date has particular meaning as 13 years prior on this date, I lost my mother. This song is a dedication to her and one of my most proud works. Special thanks to Dana Riddle and son Jackson Riddle for playing the roles of my mom and younger self. Boy Epic was masterful at putting my vision to tape. I hope you all enjoy for All We Have Is Today.

All We Have Is Today

January is fast ending and the year has begun. Several years ago I lost my mother. I'm dedicating my next video release to her memory for what I've learned is 'All We Have Is Today'. She was my greatest teacher and best friend. I carry her with me wherever I go. I hope you enjoy the video on 3/4/2016. May you grab each and every day like it is your last, telling those you love how much you care. Make every day count this year and your remaining days.

So long 2015!

2015 was a great ride. We look forward to sharing new music in 2016! Stay tuned and make this your best year yet......

October is not so chill.

I was busy closing and moving on a new home in September. I am thrilled to finally have a house for our chickens, dogs and cats. We have a mini-zoo but we love it! This month my friend Boy Epic will follow me to my home town to help me film "All We have is Today" a song I wrote for my mom after she passed. My friend Dana Riddle and her son, Jackson will play the role of my mom and me as a kid. We will visit the church I grew up singing in and other childhood haunts. Also, Jedidiah Breeze is putting the final touches on our song "Don't Give Up on Love". We are hoping to film a crazy fun video for that song also. Be sure to tune into Ava Radio as my music is spotlighted for a live interview Wednesday 10/21 at 8:40pm Eastern US Episode #267 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2015/10/22/episode-267-ava-live-radio-behind-the-music-with-jacqueline-jax So as you can see October is not so chill, but I would never have it any other way. I hope you can tune into the radio interview and love the new music/videos!

Awesome August

I took a hiatus in August to focus on some great personal developments. Never fear though, there IS new music coming your way with amazing collaborations by Jedidiah Breeze, Cut Down Trees and Joe Angel Mojica....a little R&B, a little EDM, some renewal from love lost, some hope, not giving up on love.....You will hear it very #Soon!

July Oh my.....

I drive down to Austin to cut a new song about Equality with Jedidiah Breeze I penned called "Don't Give Up on Love". His amazing stylings in conjunction with my sound are a unique combination. We look forward to future collaborations. This Independence day gives me pause to be grateful for all the freedoms we have. I hope your weekend was filled with fun memories that last from the freedoms we get to enjoy.

Hey June....

June has brought a deluge of rain and I am writing a new song working in collaboration with my buddy Chris called "Let It Rain". The song will be very EDM and a New Order Inspired sound. Jedidiah Breeze and our remix of Let's Run Away Forever is getting air play and will soon have a color video to boot. In the coming weeks I will go down to Austin to lay down tracks for a new equality song we are writing together. I appreciate all my fan support and can't wait to share more with you.


May is a flurry of activity. Jay and team release their latest music video, "You and Me" on Friday 5/15. Jay owes special thanks to his producer, Cut Down Trees and Video Director Boy Epic. This song was reimagined. The original version was more Rock leaning. Jay's idea to make it more EDM/POP proved to be a winning combination. This new sound will set the tone for subsequent songs on any forthcoming album. This song helped Jay find his sound after much experimentation on other songs. Also Boy Epic's cinematography artfully encompassed Jay's story board and researched films. Jay painstakingly found pubic domain films and newsreel footage then acquired the footage and organized it in an easy way to assemble throughout the storyboard. Boy Epic's amazing editing and effects pulled the vision together. Symbolically this is the first video in the new series in color, signifying the new life/love in the music. The song is his dedication to that perfect love, a love Jay once thought unattainable after his last love left him. Jay learned, if you turn that anguish around and focus on improving yourself, that true love will come. So don't ever give up! The video features cameos in archival footage of Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Wallace Simpson, Edward VIII, public domain films of Cleopatra featuring silent movie star Helen Gardner, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Superman and also footage of amazing human accomplishments such as the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, traversing the Amazon, reaching the summit of Mt. Everest and more. The video is a cornucopia of visual romantic historical references and stimuli showing that love conquers all. Jay publicly reveals who his love is proudly. Also this month, Jay and team return to live performances with their first performance on 5/24 at Unity in Fort Worth at 11am complete with full band. Christ Rodriguez aka C-Rod adds sultry flair with her female vocals. This is an event not to miss as Jay and Christi sing their song "Resolute" live. We hope to see you there.