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Show tonight at The Vanguard

Hello everyone. And by "everyone" I mean the one person reading this blog post, because I'm pretty sure nobody even knows about this blog on here. Because 1. I'm not a good blogger and 2. how exactly does one become a good blogger? Anyways, we have a show tonight at The Vanguard with The Wright Brothers and The Demigs. To my knowledge this is actually The Wright Brothers' second show, so it's definitely something to check out because these guys are crazy talented. The headlining band, The Demigs, is from Denton, TX and from what I've heard online they sound like a great indie/pop band. Should be a pretty awesome show and it's only $7.00! "Are you serious, Mitch?" you might say. And I will respond with, "Yes. I am serious, bro."

Well, that's all for now. Maybe I'll blog tomorrow and fill you all in on what's going down in the studio. Yeah, the studio.

Until next time, I'm Mitch.

So it goes.

Show tonight at The Shrine

Hey there, guys. Did you all know that today is Good Friday? You're welcome. But not only is it Good Friday, it's Carnegie Show Day today as well. I know, I probably should have warned you before I dropped a bomb on you like that, but sorry I'm not sorry. Tonight we are playing at The Shrine at 8:00pm with some other local bands along with Hell or Highwater from CA. That's right, California. California. Here we come. But before you pack up your things and hit the road for California after I just got Phantom Planet stuck in your head, stop by The Shrine at 18th and Boston for the show. And by "for the show" I mean "for the best show EVER (on March 29th 2013)".

That's all for now. Until next time, I'm Mitch.

So it goes.

Hello ReverbNation

Hey there, guys. Mitch here to say hello and welcome to our ReverbNation page. I know we probably should have gotten one of these a while ago but better late than never, right? Hope you like what you hear and see on our page, and we hope to see you at our next show!