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YTF has a new line-up!!

We recently added two new members to the band (Brett Bisel-Vocals and Morgan Mayton-Bass) and we are just about ready to come back out from a long break. We can't wait to play for you all very soon!! YTF did make some changes to the band along with the new line-up. We are focusing more on us, which means more original shows!!

Booking for the next year...

Shows booked in new markets such as Columbus, Lancaster and Ashland ! It's gonna be a busy year. Hope to see you out there!.

Topped 400

Well over 400 likes! Likin it!

And in the begining.......

We've been discussing starting a "Street Team", anyone interested?

Come with us on this ride!

We'd like to grow our mailing list. Why? To stay in touch with our fans, for exclusive content available to list members, ease of contact. No, we're not selling addy's, or making money off the list in anyway. It's all about YOU, and us doing something to show appreciation of your support! Drop us a line with add me! on facebook or anywhere else. Look for email address collectors across our network, make yourself known!

EP finished!

Our 3 song EP is finished and will be available 10/26 at the Choo Choo's costume party!

next show in 2 weeks,

somehow we;re openin for Yellow no. 5 and a couple other bands in Mansfield at Planet Rock.

Choo Choo's is in the can!

Great night with great people. Fun! It's a little tight for 5 piece band, but patrons and staff make it fun. And recording next week end.

Farmsteads in the past...

1400 hundered plus....2 days of rockin out... 32 000 bucks for Knox County Hospice!

Right now-friday....

Headin out to start set up at Farmstead! tonight an tomarrow night. Come on ya'll! 586 S outta Mt. Vermin. Couple miles on left.