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First Gig Down

We played our first gig last night. It went well enough. The bartender remembered Johnny from his old band and had a crush on him. She was a punk rock girl with purple hair and big 'ole titties. She said she wanted to engage in coitus with John. John proceeded to, in her words, "Get white girl drunk", and passed out, exclaiming "You did your best" in short, raspy tones.

My Drummer, who is like a retarded little brother to us all

is currently doing the best type of research. He's in the first bar I ever heard traditional Irish music, the Black Rose in Boston.

He's such a good little retarded brother to the band!!!!!! (My real little brother is gay, at least he will be when he evenually admits it).

Why don't you see if the research pays off and check us out on Thursday at 11ish at the Red Room on 82nd?

The adventure begins.

Well, here we go, months of hard work, bitch fights, kicked out members, whiskey shots, and damsels defiled will culminate in our first gig, on the 28th. I am sure John Heller will get embarrassingly drunk, Dan Lesage will get pissed off, Bryan Fust will smoke marijuana, and Bryon Burke will move into a cardboard box by the venue for a few days. God speed.