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Last night we collectively drove through many miles of storm to finish our first album "Mr. Moonshine". We all had a busy work day as Teachers, Shippers, Trainers and Maintenance men, and no EPIC STORM could stop us. Ha! STORM-0/MRMOONSHINE-1. While driving to 3PT STUDIOS from creepily quiet Corona, I listened to Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea". I bathed in the horn arrangements, the ferocity, the honesty in Mangum's voice, and the amazing production that was released back in February of 1998. After dozens of times listening to that album it still dives deep into humanity in a way that always surprises me. Listening again and again always makes me wonder of their process... Completing our album took some major patience. We started tracking with Eric Ross at LBCC back in March of 2013 not knowing what we would do with the songs. Two of the songs made it on the album, featuring Roland Cruces on Bass. Leading up to today we've had many sessions that have contributed to the completion of this album. We tracked 3 songs at The Compound Studios with Antione Arvizu, which was an amazing experience, Twon for sure ate some Cookie Dogs. LBCC where Eric Ross helped us save Princess Zelda with cousin Matt. My home where my wife and only child were forced away from their beds for a MM 3 day weekend session, while Alyssandra Nighswonger composed Trombone arrangements in my living room. The Moon Room where we battled for silence and forced Matthew Proffitt to record his amazing trombone parts to "Wolves on Parade" in a stinky hallway. And last but not least, 3PT STUDIOS with Brian Frederick where 4 of the songs on the album were tracked, and where the album gets its a lot of its sound. All said and done, we recorded 23 different songs for the 12 song Mr. Moonshine debut. There is no possible way that we could have completed the project without the following people: Tiffany, Orion, Mother Marge, Tony Pduh, Nick+Carrie, Randi, and the entire Pedroza Clan. Angel Correa, Alyssandra Nighswonger, Lourdes+Fernando Muniz, Damien Engle, Matthew Rivera, Matthew Proffitt, Ellen Warkentine, Kimberly Hooper, Jaclyn Chessen, Michelle+Justine Prebich, Michael Burdge, Rob+Clayton, Neena+Andrea, Steve+Sayaka, Angela Lopez, AJ Elling, Bill Blakely, G, Dicapria, Antoine Arvizu, Eric Ross, Brian Frederick, Jorge, Danell Wheeler, Aubrey+Val, Scott Whitney Leonard, The Tomers, Christina Matsumoto, Julie Savage, Sunburst Youth Acadamy, Post Mortem, The Garage Theatre, and Common Ground Corona. You have all been a huge support and Mr. Moonshine sends our love to you every single day. We have come a long way as a band, and have had many individuals give their blood sweat and tears towards our band and this project. We are so grateful for each other, the music we create, and the generosity our family, friends and fans have shed over us. Being in a band is much like a marriage (which I am accustomed to). There is so much giving and taking, bending and breaking, and listening. We have been there for each other through new jobs, new cars, break ups, LIFE! Sometimes we get caught up in our own lives and forget we're all in this together. Sometimes Daysmel wants to kill Orcs and wants you to watch him (true story). Truth is, we know that there are many challenges that face our band in the future, but together we stand strong and will always be there for each other. Thank you all so much! P.S. This album is awesome, your'e all gonna love it. -PAN