past shows.......

We just wanted to give an update on whats been going on as of late. We've been gigging on a regular basis.....here..there.....points in between. We had a killer show with Jack Russell and the fellas in GREAT WHITE a few weeks back. One of the coolest shows we've probably ever done by far. We kicked ass and then got to hang out and listen to shit we grew up on being played on our gear.....pretty cool stuff !! We've got some good stuff coming the next couple of months as well...... new venues......the big HOT RODS & HARLEYS show which draws 1,000's of people and hundreds of cool bikes and custom hot rods from all over the state. That's coming up in the next month or so......so keep checking back on all the different social media sites and get us added if you don't already....and tell all of your friends that are into good music to like us as well......Much luv.......and we'll see you all soon........

THINGS .........

What up NATION........C here from the V. We are currently concentrating hard on booking brand new venues for our 2013 season. There will be some re-peats for sure, but we've had killer reponse to the new places we've visited so far. It's a juggling act for sure to try and keep things somewhat fresh for the audience when you pigeonhole yourself in a certain geographic location. We love our local fans ,don't get me wrong....and you are why we have come as far as we have on this thrill ride.But we would be doing ourself a huge injustice if we didn't seek to branchout as far as we can ,and hit as many people with our sound as possible. So checking us out in 2013 may prove a little more difficult, but we're trying to squeeze in local venues as much as we can along with the out of towners. STay Tuned.......and much luv.....C.

Big announcement coming from the 9V camp

We hope to be able to fill in the NATION on the major show announcement we have ......possibly as soon as tomorrow. Don't worry...it won't go unnoticed.......we promise ....PEACE, C.

I guess its about time..huh ??

Well.....here we are "NATION".... its 2013 and we have been in hammer mode already this year. We are booking 1st time venues......have already played a few of them....with more off the wall shows being booked......were actually playing a high school prom .......crazy throwback sh** huh..?? It just shows some of the versatility this band is about I guess. We are looking forward to building our following year after year and hopefully this site is another avenue to help us do just that. With the basic demise of certain media outlets such as MySpace to try and help build a following , we need to keep with whats current and RN is 1 we feel we need to take advantage of. So we hope you,.the fans...dont get overwhelmed or put off by the everchanging pages and becoming members of this or that to follow your favorite bands.......but we appreciate to the hilt those of you that do. Its gonna be a learning experience for us and a challenge to not create sensory overload to what we re trying to do , reach you and new fans.....and add new members to the 9V Army. You guys are the reason we do what we do.......much love...and we ll see you all soon.......spread the word.