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Every since we signed with Eastwood Records I've been really excited to be working towards the finish of our new album, 10 new songs and 3 rerecorded from the the first record. Jonny B added 2 of his songs and Steve Sturgill added 1 and I'm really liking all 3 of them. I'm also exited about my 7 new songs as well of course. It looks like it will be done this winter or early spring.

Bluegrass Tavern

When I first started playing music on stage, I thought Bluegrass tavern to be the ultimate gig in the Bardstown area. I finally got the gig in a band called Blender when we played there during a benefit for someone around 2000 or the early 2000s. Can't remember now who that was for. Blender played there off and on for a few years and I always looked forward to those shows. Blender parted ways and I played a solo show there, which was a little scary, and then a few shows as Tom Boone and Friends. I'm coming back now to the place my music career really started and hoping to see the many friends made there over the years, including some of my family in the Bardstown area. Though I grew up in Louisville, A month never went by that we didn't make a trip through Bardstown on our way to friends and family in Balltown, The Burg, Manton, Springfield or Loretta. The area has always felt like the homeland to me. I'll be making an appearance at Bluegrass Tavern this Saturday with my band The Back Porch Pickers, Mike Cecil(banjo and steel guitar), Jonathon Bramel aka Johnny B(dobro), Jeff Christian(harmonica) and Kato Wilbur(bass). We'll be selling our brand new CD, "Getting Back To The Old Time Ways" at half price of $5 for this night only. Looking forward to seeing my Bardstown Friends and family.

Pisces Birthday Bash

I always love to do a show on or around my birthday. We always seem to get a great crowd and a celebratory atmosphere. Tonight at The Mellow Mushroom St. Matthews should be no exception. We're calling the party "The Pisces Birthday Bash" and it's for everyone who has a birthday this month. A few of my friends are having birthdays this week and they'll be there and I'll be buying them and anyone else that has a birthday a drink. Come on out and help us celebrate. If your wanting to watch the games there are TVs everywhere. TMM has a huge selection of craft beers on tap and the food is fantastic. Hope to see you there.

Show rescheduled

Just so everyone knows not to look for us on Great Day Live. We are rescheduling due to the fact that the show needs more time tomorrow for weather and traffic updates.

Blue Monday

Normaly Mondays are a day I look forward to because of our show Monday nights at The Hideaway Saloon. I was preparing to go to my uncle's funeral, I was contemplating on him being the last of my mothers siblings and what a great generation of people they were and that now my generation are the elders of our family. My thoughts were interupted by sirens which are not that common in our little country town. Then police and EMS began pulling in to my nieghbors driveway. My nieghbor of 20 plus years had accidently shot himself in the leg, piercing an artery. He came close to bleeding to death before they could get him to the hospital. He made it through surgery after having a heart attack in the process. We're relieved he made it, but he has a long rehab ahead of him. It's Tuesday morning and I'm off to my uncle's funeral. It's going to be a better day

Little Rick's

When we started playing at Little Rick's Neighborhood Bar and Grill January 4, I really wasn't expecting a very big crowd. I was surprised by the large turnout. Little Rick's is in my hometown of Lebanon Jct. Ky and when I had played around town before we hadn't had much turnout. This event takes place the first Friday of each month and has continued to grow each month we have played there. We will return this Friday for our regular monthly show and the outlook is bright for turnout again. Little Rick's has great food and has draft beer and wine coolers. If past shows are any indication, this will be a grand time. Hope to see you there.

Monday nights at The Hideway Saloon

It never ceases to amaze me, the folks that come in to our show at The Hideaway in Louisville Ky. We don't even start until 10:30 pm and sometimes like last night, 2/25/13, it seems like it's going to be a dead night. Then, they start rolling in and we end up with a great and enthusiastic crowd. Thanks folks. We'll keep doing this show as long as you keep coming. It's been 6 years this month and no end in sight. Thanks people!