this is twenty first century en am givin you a summary of how radio reactive elements like uranium have destroyed peoples cranium and taken some people to the mortuary corruption en burglary everyone is hustling to get simple salaries while they are disowned by their families no equality, for human race, people fighting for space rhymaholic MVI being chased from his own place nuclear reactors, big tractors replacing contractors genetic engineering, flowing across africa clearing the real species human beings killing others to dominate the planet increasing the market for caskets


she grew up as the prettiest, charming and the most beautiful girl in the hood that the world would look up to. she was so attractive, everyone wanted to talk to her, to be near her, to associate with her, and to play with her as she grew up. every guy would brag, and even claim to be her boyfriend when in real sense he hasn't dared to pronounce her name in her presence.guys feared her, girls became jealousy of her and this made her to develop some pride.

she was bright in school, lively in class but not wise in making her decision. she was in high-school when she started messing up her self. she despised all boys of her age. she only went for the rich sugar daddies who would spoil her with money and shopping. this made her even much proud and high.

it was not long, when in form two. she rebelled against her parents, she decided to get married to one rich dude in the hood. she became the daily topic, daily news and every stupid girl wished to be like her. some intellects tried to advise her but she was to rigid, again her husband was too rich to be questioned.

as time went by, her husband became over protective of her, he wouldn't allow her leave the gate. he would even come early from work to spy on her, he completely en jailed her in solitude. she became impatient and decided to go back to the husband's parents at the village where she would be much free. now this was also another dangerous move. she couldn't go without sex, money and flossing around.

she started chasing rich married or unmarried men who would spoil her with money and parties where she would also get connected to other rich men. it was one night where she was caught red handed with someones husband, the woman was a no joke lady. she got a machete and directed towards her, fortunately she missed the head and got the fingers. she went home naked and bleeding. this was the beginning of her misery. she was disowned by her husband and went back to her parents home, much older, useless and deteriorated. she had to give out sex to survive as she had no other life skills that could enable her feed her three babies.

she aborted several times, got married several times and got laid with the boys she had once despised several times. it was just the other day that i heard she passed away as she was trying to abort. may she RIP


most of the successful people in the world were at one time mocked, discouraged and even disowned by their own people, but at last their were those who appreciated them and when they died, they left great legacies. just do what you can do best, you won't miss one out of a hundred appreciating your work