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Is the web truly democratic for musicians?

Is the web truly democratic for musicians?

I actually don't think so. Here it is, it costs money. No matter how good your song is, you need a computer to post it, it it's not high enough quality it will get ignored so you need to spend money recording. Then you need to find an audience because all social media sites require a combination of recency and relevancy and most importantly volume in order to promote you or your music to an even larger audience. I would love to see a helpful article on how to set-up a reasonably priced website with connecting social media and how to use it all. I’ve been learning pretty fast, but truely this web is a dizzying complex space and everyone wants your money. People talk about the democratisation of music now, and more and more I think it’s a farce. There are vultures and machine’s working to steal and aid, but ultimately it’s not just about the quality of your music but about which paths you take, and how you spend your hard earned music dollars. Music more than ever is about money, and more than ever it's about funnelling that money out of musicians pockets and into large corporations.

Playing the One Sound Music Festival!

So I'm playing this sweet new music festival, June 15th, buzzing about this, and also have my first gig coming up May 11th with my new band. We sounded awesome in Rehearsal the other night, so I think these gig are going to go great. With a few other gigs lining up in the next few months, things are looking like they are going to be getting pretty busy!

Going to be on Radio!

This friday morning 15th of March 2013 if your in Paraparaumu/Waikanae listen to 104.7 to here my song "The Long Road" played.

So my CD's have now arrived...

Time to post out orders, and hit up radio stations

I have now ordered my first batch of 100 Cd's

So this is the end of the process of getting the song recorded and radio ready. Now it's time to the dog work and get some gigs, and hand out Cd's to radio stations, this is just the begging of the journey...