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Check out our latest single "Street Preacher" this Saturday @ 8pm on Amazingradio Click the link below to get to the station online


Summer Gig's and Debauchery

Vision Within Fans!!! We are playing some select shows in the next few months and we want you to enjoy the most amazing live music experience you will ever have. Come on out and rock with us on June 28th, August 9th and August 23rd!!!

Vision Within Strikes AGAIN!!!

Tonight Radio 104.1 gave us the shout out and rocked our Tune "Departure" on their show. We love you guys!!!

The Bat Signal shine-ith!!!!

I want to say thank you to our friends, family and fans for this past weekend. There was a great show of support for our video. Although I am not entirely sure if it was us or a genuine support to see Justin get hit in the head with a bottle. But seriously, I want to thank our actors Justine Vieu, Justin Ramondetta, Jeff Christy, Kathy Jim Vieu, Rachel Vieu, Olivia Goldman and Nicholas Vautrin. You guys were awesome. A huge thank you to Irene Smith Thornton for dedicating her time, efforts and knowledge to our shoot. She did a great job with dolling up our actors. Thank you to our bar patron back ground actors. Your support really made us warm and fuzzy inside. And not to shabby of a film location, Thanks John Ramondetta for loaning us your house for a day. SOK'S bar was amazingly accommodating and gracious to let us film there. Sok! You’re the man. And last but certainly not least, THANK YOU Bret Robinson. Your skill, talent and outgoing nature made this film shoot amazing. Without your efforts and willingness to film this video we would not have this awesome piece of art as a launching pad for our success. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


This weekend is going to be a crazy one. We begin shooting our latest video for "Departure" Saturday morning. Thanks to Bret and his production company. Bretorious Productions has this shoot on lockdown.

Judy Delong
Judy Delong  (almost 4 years ago)

You have a hit on your hands.