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So we just had the honor of opening for Obituary and Nocturnus A.D. in only our third show! Add to that we put on an epic show and got a great response despite being a primarily death/doom metal fans in attendance.We are humbled by the amount of new fans we gain who enjoy what we are doing, we thank you very much, that feeling we get is why we do this. 2014 kicked off with a nuclear detonation, how it could get any better, I don't know, but I have a feeling it might. Thanks and see you soon, we already have our next show booked and will drop that soon.

Fall/Winter update 2013

With our debut show in the books, we now look forward to our Nov. 23rd show once again at the brass mug, this time a benefit show for visual artist Greg Crumbly. We are also beginning on recording our next song towards our demo this month as well which we hope to have available for purchase by late January or February. We are looking to book a show for Dec. where we hope to debut a new song to the set list. We have some scheduling limitations so contact us at Archangelbooking@hotmail.com to work it out. As always we thank you for your continued support and spread the word, bring a friend who's never heard of us to the show on the 23rd, be a hero to both us and them. Thanks and much love \m/

Getting started.

Our first show is October 26th Tampa fl at the brass mug.