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New Song Uploaded

Just uploaded a new song from the soon to be released album, Shots. Had this one mastered in Nashville with a demo singer.

Make a Star

Good Morning All! Just a note to ask all of you for your support. I've entered a competition sponsored by Fuse TV for a reality show called Make a Star and I really need everyone's vote. Please take a few minutes and go to the following site and register (100% free) and vote for me. I have 3 songs entered (Where, The Road Home, & Demon In My Soul). You can vote 1x per day plus while there you can possibly discover other new talent. So, please go to http://www.makeastar.com/contest_directory.asp and vote for me!

Two Greats

Another little tidbit I’d like to share with everyone. One of the greatest musicians it has been my honor to work with (and there are many!) is Jimmy Eaton. I’m sure most of you have heard of Jimmy’s stellar musical skills on steel guitar, Dobro, etc. In fact, the sweet slide of the guitar on Demon In My Soul and a few other tracks is none other than Jimmy Eaton. On occasion I hire Jimmy to play on some of my tracks, but when he heard the rough cut of Demon In My Soul, he said, “you don’t need to hire me…I just wanna play on this song.” What a guy and what a talent! Another fellow musician I hold in the highest esteem in Ian Fleming. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Ian produces/mixes most of my music and the man is a musical genius. If you haven’t listened to Ian’s music, give yourself a treat and do so asap!

Another Day

It’s one of those days. You know, the kind of day when you have so many things to do that you are getting nowhere! So, here’s me just sitting here reflecting on things, life, tasks, etc. not gaining any ground on what I should be doing. But in the midst of all my pondering, I started thinking about where some of my inspiration comes from (guess because I’m in the middle of a new song) and thought I’d share a few things about one of my more requested songs, Demon In My Soul. I want to tell you a true story about where the second verse came from back in the late 80s; my band rented a large studio where we rehearsed, wrote, conducted band business and just hung out. At one point the rent was so high that we took on another band to share the studio with. They would rehearse on some nights and us on others. But you see I also loved to go to the studio after all the bars closed to crank up my amp and jam guitar for a couple hours. I didn’t think the other band would interfere with this as th4ey usually finished at midnight and I generally didn’t show up until around 3 a.m. However, on occasion I would find them still there hanging out in the studio lounge…..drinking and doing drugs. Eventually, I asked them what kind of drugs they were doing and they told me they usually weren’t’ sure! What??? They said they would go downtown Santa Ana after midnight and drive real slow down 2nd Avenue (name changed to protect the guilty), roll down the window and hold their hand down low with money in it and some guy would walk up, take the money, and replace it with some type of drug. Hence, the data on the 2nd verse of the song

Never Say Never

So, hey! Check this out! Never, never thought I'd be saying this, but after all my years performing, I was hired to perform in a foreign language! Was hired to perform a couple weeks ago at a huge birthday bash for Buddha's 2634th birthday. And I had to perform it in Vietnamese!!! What was wild was it was a huge success with over 2,000 people attending. While performing, the crowd was clapping, cheering, and singing along -- too bad I wasn't wsure what I was singing! Really wild, huh?

SongsAlive Showcase

I played a SongsAlive Songwriter's Showcase in Los Angeles at Genghis Cohen on Tuesday February 9th. Genghis Cohen is a very nice restaurant that features tasty Chinese food and Acoustic music. Seems a strange combination, but is really a very comfortable venue to play at. There is a special room separate from the dining area that is designed specifically for music. I was one of 5 artist that performed a 30 minute acoustic set. I started with "One More Time" followed by "News Blues". Next, I played a brand new song "Alone With You", a very Journeyish type of song. I finished out the set with "Demon In My Soul", "This Guitar", "Life's Highway" and "Old Boy". While I should know the names of the other 4 artist, I can't remember them right now. I performed first and had a very good crowd reaction. I did stay for 3 of the other artist, enjoyed them enough to sign up for their mailing list ... so I will have their names later. I left the club and LA at around 10PM and traveled to Costa Mesa ... about 40 miles ... to perform at the La Cave Songwriter's Showcase at around 11:30 (beer thirty). The crowd there was much more rowdy and vocal as they seemed more intoxicated. So I played rowdier songs such as "Not W.P.O.D." and "EvenWhenPushComesToShove", but also did "Demon In My Soul" and "European". It was a good musical night.