My Own Confusion / Blog

First day in the studio

It was interesting and I feel it's a lot complicated than we expected, but the work's totally gonna be worth it. Can't wait to get Out of Here! to you guys.

Exciting new to come soon

Yep, gonna build this up for as long as I can. It involves Polka and new music.


So we had some new songs, some great covers and an awesome night. Can't wait for the next show but until then, cheers!

Oh there's a blog feature.

Hey everybody! So apparently there's a blog feature so I thought I'd you know, use that. So anyways, you can see who I sound like below... to the side... on this page somewhere. Anyways, I'd love to rock you anytime, and my music is available for free download on here. Punk's not dead but unfortunately I don't sound punk.