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Recording Songs

Man it so hard to decide which of my new songs to record first. Even though I currently just do live home recordings it is difficult to choose and find the time. Songs from rockabilly, country, rockin country and island songs.

Newest Song

I'm so glad I finished my new Rockin Country Song! Hope to make up to date home recording soon.

Hat Repair

Wow! I'm so happy I was able to order Hat Wire online and hand sew it back into my Hat. Now it is shapeable and wearable again.

New Song

Well I know it's a bit early to post a Christmas song, but I still wanted to share it before my computer crashes for good.


Well I finally joined BMI to collect song money for me. Maybe I'll get a rich now!

New Songs!

Yea! I finished a new song yesterday. I have 4 news songs to record, copyright and share.

Revernation Content

Added two songs to Reverbnation yesterday, check it out.