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Hey folks, I just wanted to send an update since its been quite a long time I have released any new music. My first single from my new record should be out October/November! Keep an ear out, I can't wait to share it with you!

Hope EP

Hope EP

Alright so I previously posted that I will be releasing 3 new songs because it has been over a year since my last release... well it is getting closer to 2 years and I have been in the studio recording, making changes, throwing out songs, ect. Sounds frustrating but its actually been a healthy creative journey for me. So with that said I am announcing that I will be releasing a new EP late summer this year! The EP is entitled "Hope". I am about 20% done with recording and will be in the studio working on the new material. So far it looks like the EP will have 7 songs on it. The sound is similar to the Highlights album in that it has a lot of energy, blazing rock guitars, some great acoustic work, as well as catchy and singable melodies. Although the record is sounding a little brighter than Highlights there is quite a bit of mood and darker tones involved. I have been trying to think of a way to describe the sound and the difference between the new EP and the Highlights album and the best way I can think to describe it is the transition of two Jimmy Eat World records. If you are a fan of the Futures album and then take a listen to Chase This Light I think you will hear a brighter sounding rock record on Chase This Light. Two awesome records, that same Jimmy Eat World sound but just a slightly brighter album. Now I am not comparing my tunes to theirs because that would just be crazy.

Also I want this record to have a better production quality as well as keeping an authentic and raw quality. So far I have been doing 1 take vocal tracks, and no auto tune. We have already tracked some violins for one of the acoustic songs. I am also scheduling a small "choir" as well for a song called "All is Not Lost" which is the last song on the album. I am also bringing in some more violins, cello, ect. no more programing instruments, I want the real thing. There are many other things in the works that I will let you know about when the time is right. As far as production quality everything is being done in a quality studio here in VA, and then I plan to (as soon as the money is right:) to take the recordings and get them mixed and mastered in Nashville with a couple of my engineer contacts I have been making this past year. So I am trying some new things and I am really excited for how things are sounding. Also one last thing for all of you who dig my song "Ghost Town" we are tracking a new version of that song and I can't wait to get it to you guys.

Anyway thanks for reading, John