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Zombie Love is Now Available.

That's it, it's out there, video and all. Our most heart felt thanks goes out to all who helped in the recording, the video making, and the promotion. We love you all dearly. Now go enjoy the fruits of all of our collective labours.

Zombie Love Release

Well, we sure have come a long way since we first set foot inside a studio and with it, birthed a new band. This past summer saw us record an album's worth of tunes in our recording studio, and make a rocking video for Zombie Love, our debut single.

The video is being edited and the release date draws near. There is all sorts of rumblings of what we will do with this single, but getting it in your hands is our top priority.

October 1st is the tentative date of release for sale.

Stay tuned y'all.

There's an app for that....

....and here it is. Our very own app. Enjoy