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Life An Inspiration and Interesting Art

Finally got the opportunity to warm up the blog a bit. I've been working real hard on getting the upcoming album up and finding new awesome talent to feast your ears to. I've been working hard on the electronic portion of the album and starting to get filling up the last bit of vocal sessions for them. Its been a great couple on of months creating and finding inspiration for them has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Inspiration comes in many forms and if you find inspiration in your life, it will help your through your day and place a smile on your face. Even when the inspiration comes from a negative situation, you can always turn lemons into lemonade if you truly want to find it in yourself to do so. I've seen so many dear friends of mine fall to negative impacts on their life when they could turn that energy and make it into a positive outcome for the world. When you feel sad or feel the day dragging you down, what I do is I take that sad energy and let it out into a song. You can even decide to let it out a poem, painting, your gym workout, or in giving you inspiration to see the lighter things in your life such as your family and friends that are there for you.

Never look back into the past unless it is to correct the mistakes you made from them or to advise those close to you on not making those same mistakes in the future. Never stop dreaming nor in believing in yourself. Make those dreams a reality because it will only make the world a better place. Even in the dark, a light only shines brighter.

I actually saw these cool art pieces when I was watching this weekly news show I watch to see what new and interesting things are going on in the internet on Epic Fu and found this really detailed and beautiful art pieces done by Ryohei Hase which you can see at RyoheiHase.com. His attention to detail of his artwork is simply an amazing thing to look at and its shocking to see many small and minute details in each of his pieces.