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Showing Love

I moved up the Reverbnation charts from 24 to 13 and it's because of the love that I have received from all of you. So I just want to say THANK U.

Love the Way

The other day I posted a snippet of the single 'Love the Way' on my profile. It was quite well recieved and I just wanted to Thank everyone who too the time to listen and give feedback. Now I must admit there were one or two who did not feel it but with their comments they gave detail on why and that is appreciated. I can live with 1 or 2 "I'm not feeling it" out of 10 or 12 "Love it". That's a pretty good ratio don't you think. If that can transition to larger numbers I believe I just might have a hit on my hands. For a song that has been waiting for it's oppurtunity to shine I'd say it's done well. Keep cultivating your talent, utilizing your gift and promoting your art. Peace Mesha

Neki Bosh
Neki Bosh  (over 7 years ago)

You're going to have critics but the great HOV said "As for the critics, tell me, I don't get. Everyone can tell you how to do it, but they never did it." It's a great song...and a great start. Keep going and mastering your art! (did I just rap?)