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Bill Wright

Just heard a song by Called " if I only had a brain " by Bill Wright and it just brightened up my day . I think this will be the sound track of my life from now on. Make it yours.

Keith Patterson Band

What an infusion . Love the vocals . Great energy with these guys. Check out the KEITH PATTERSON BAND people and see what a wonderful week you'll have .

And then came CHRIS AGUAYO

A song called " Every Day " by Chris Aguayo reached into the core of my emotions and fondled my soul. What a journey!!! But that is just the tip of the iceberge with this artist. He is a real gem. Do yourself and your friends and family a favour . Find him and listen to his work.

Abbeyville Road

Listen to SECRET ( vocal ) by this cool band by the name of ABBEYVILLE ROAD. Why ? You will experience at least five minutes of purely blissful ear candy .

Abbeyville Road
Abbeyville Road  (over 3 years ago)

Thank U sooo much-!!! -abbey

Bad ChinchEllas Media
Bad ChinchEllas Media  (over 3 years ago)

Thank you for making awesome music .

Jaron David's DARK FOREST

Found this amazing talent by the name of Jaron David's on my travels. Wow!!! Make it your aim in life to listen to his DARK FOREST album . You will not regret one single minute . A real unique talent .

Dive Bomber

Found another one people. Another great band who go by the name of DIVE BOMBER from San Diego. My favourites tracks have to be " Elaine " and " Magic Limo "

Talent Spotting

Listened to a track called "eviscerate me" by a band called "audio matyr" . Totally blew me away . Awesome track Update status

Bad ChinchEllas Adventures

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