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The Story Behind Fall of the Dragon

To get a better understanding of this song, you'll need to know the intense story behind it:

Imagine two hearts so deeply connected they don't beat separately, but as one. If one heart were to stop beating, the other would stop as well. Love was incredibly strong in the Dragon Age; much more powerful than in today's world. Two royal dragons living, breathing and loving together as one, rule a kingdom which is now in war. The Dragon King finds himself in the woods, taken down by humans and ferociously stabbed in the heart. Miles away, the Dragon Queen suddenly feels her heart start to ache and she knows soon they will both be dead and perhaps forgotten. She quickly flees the castle, frantically searching for her Dragon King. She can feel him near; both hearts beating ever so slowly. Feeling weak she pushes forward to find him. Just as she spots him, she feels a sharp arrow rip through her neck. She realizes she won't make it to her dying love and they will die separated from one another. She falls from the sky, ripping through the air and tumbling through the tree branches toward the ground. As she hits the cold, hard ground, she closes her eyes and hopes that one day they'll be together again.