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Dick Wiggler and the Cattle guards definitly how to have a good time and play great music at the same time. Their new CD mixes rock and country with a dash of punk and they really know how to put it all together for a one of a kind sound! If you like rock, if you like country and you like to have a good time this is a must get CD. (Although they're even better live!) -Rowdy Times -KOOP 91.7 Austin -When I first heard of the band Dick Wiggler and the Cattle Guards well...I just had to laugh! That's untill I heard theie music. This five piece ensemble puts on a show so fun and powerful that even a deaf man would tap his toes! I had the pleasure of seeing these guys a few weeks ago at a local club in San Antonio. I went in wondering what a band named Dick wiggler and the Cattle Guards could possibly sound like??? Well, I left with a couple koosie's and a CD that hasn't left my CD player in my car ever since! If you're lookig for some beer swilling, Hi- octane, cow-punk fun, it just dosen't get any better than Mr. Wiggler and his Cattle Guards! -Tomas Maxie -Austin Chronicle -This independent band's puck rock roots and nostalgia for old school George Jones create a sound that's definitely "Not your ma and pa's country! -Jeff Miller - SanAntonio Magazine Allright kats & kittens, this band doesn’t officially have a CD out, but if you talk to them, they may be able to get you a burned demo. I say this first and foremost because I wanted to take some music home with me the first time I heard these guys. The Cattle Guards blend punk & country like only they can do. At some points, you could swear they came right out of the old school country, then they’re in your face screaming “S.A.T.X., the place I like the best!” By far one of the most diverse bands in the local scene, & probably in the country, I would suggest that anybody & everybody try to get ahold of these guys’ music. You can find them on myspace, of course; you can google them as well. Sadly, I don’t have a cd to review for y’all, & I refuse to rate a band. However, if you haven’t heard hear of Dick Wiggler… you need to go get yer wiggle on. -Sly -Subculture Collective Dick Wiggler & the Cattle Guards, Sick Boy, The Mighty Stef at Jiggers For your post-St. Patrick's Day enjoyment, The Mighty Stef rolls in from Dublin with a country/rock/punk sound that's gritty and cool. The Mighty Stef gets band name of the week because Calendar Goddess Stefanie Arias said so. And bet on the Cattle Guards romping through inspired country/punk. Buck Beau and the Barbed Wire Stringers---that's a damned fine band name, if I say so myself. It's almost as cool as Dick Wiggler and the Cattle Guards. Almost. By the way, Dick Wiggler and the Cattle Guards is a real band. If you don't believe me, look them up on My Space. Thanks guys for letting me mention you. I wish you much success and hope you boys get flooded with hits on your site. -Pap McCleery Excert from LAST BAND IN TEXAS Dick Wiggler and The Cattle Guards are what country music would have sounded like had it's spiritual home had been CBGBs, rather than the Grand Ole Opry - good, loud and rockin'! -Tim Stegall