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Publication of the first CD

Glorious day. My album was accepted for distribution. Long process but its finally done. Here's the best email I have received in a long time:

Hey Pat,

Thank you for making those changes. I have refinalized your release and sent it out to stores. You should see it live in iTunes within 24-72 hours, however a random percentage of releases go through an internal store review process, which could take up to 10 days from the day they're received.

Please note that if you have set a future release date, the stores will wait until that date to make your content live


Due to the recent onslaught of 100 fans in 4 days we are going to drop another track off our upcoming cd project soon. I hope all the fans enjoy and keep us in mind. As always thank you very much for your support.

Fan's who joined us recently

Thank you to all the fan's who took the time to join us today. It was a hallmark day for us. 32 fans in 12 hours. Thank you for all of your support.


We would like to thank everybody who watched our newest video directed by Prascilla Lowe. We plan to shoot another one soon. Stay tuned....


Just a for fun song done a while back with the Warlocks. Thank you guys.

Grand Opening

Our projected opening date will be October 6th. It is our intention to record our star performers in order to properly bless the huge vocal booth. The size is of epic proportions. Thanks to the talent who will bless out presence.

Current Projects

Currently we are busy recording a few local artist's that want to produce a full length cd with us. Stay tuned for that project to be completed around November. We will do our best to get some sample release material.