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In This Decade on Idiosyncratic Transmissions - Episode 106

Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 106 aired on 11/18/13 http://t.co/pMLuLFx2eM

Day 3 of Ten Top 10's for ITD!


Fly Tonight continues to go NUTZ on the charts 8 months after release!

Fly Tonight: #1 - Artistopia Pop & Rock Indie Music Chart http://www.artistopia.com/Music-Charts/Genre.asp?Genre=13&Name=Pop%20%26%20Rock Fly Tonight: #15 - Artistopia Top 100 Indie Music Chart http://www.artistopia.com/Music-Charts/Top-100-Songs.asp In This Decade a Featured Artist on Artistopia! http://www.artistopia.com/Music-Artists/Index.asp Fly Tonight: #15 - on ReverbNation Music Charts! http://www.reverbnation.com/main/charts?artist_id=3136452&genre=Rock&genre_geo=Local

Fly Tonight #15 on Artistopia Indie Music Charts Top 100

Fly Tonight enters the Top 20 at #15 on Artistopia Indie Music Charts Top 100! This is a jump from #21 at the beginning of this week to #16 this morning and #15 tonight! http://www.artistopia.com/Music-Charts/Top-100-Songs.asp ITD is also a Featured Artist on Artistopia this week. http://www.artistopia.com/Music-Artists/Index.asp

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