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My NuMuBu.com/scottgoldbeg show today

Thanks to those who checked out our show on http://lnkd.in/Vnj4rA . I'm still really rusty but my good friend, and recording mentor, the two time Grammy Award winner, Bill Hare, joined me in the studio today. It was a gas! Thanks Bill!

Show on www.NuMuBu.com/scottgoldberg

Looks like I'll be doing more shows on Wednesdays, live Live on www.NuMuBu.com/scottgoldberg. What is the time that works best for people who would like to watch?

10 AM (PST) or 12 PM (PST)? Please leave a comment to help me decide, THANK YOU!

Sunday's concert and workshop

Hope you'll all tune in on Sunday, October 27 @ 11/11:30 AM (PST) 2 PM (EST) and 8 PM (London) for my live video broadcast on www.NuMuBu.com/scottgoldberg. Just go there and hit the "go live" button, where you can see my show from Guitar Showcase; the largest acoustic guitar selection in all of California.

Show on www.NuMuBu.com/scottgoldberg

Make sure you all tune in Live on www.NuMuBu.com/scottgoldberg @ 10 AM (PST) 1 PM (EST) and 6 PM London time. Also check out my amazing pal Jordan Reyne! She ROCKS! Can't wait Jordan! Best of luck to you tomorrow.

Thanks Everyone

Just another note to all of you kind people who have contacted me to get on the show. Please be patient and stay in touch and I will get to you all. There is a huge influx of people and bands asking for air play and seeing as the show is only aired twice a month, it's hard for me to get many on in one night. We traditionally get 4-5 people/bands on in one show and try to interview and give each person or band a nice block of time to tell people about themselves and their pursuits/passions in music and air their music. It's a new show for me and I'm still getting acclimated myself, but we do have fun and we do have some fantastic special guests and equally fantastic music of all genres so please be patient and stay in touch and I will get to each and every one of you. Many thanks for your interest and know that I do this for you as much, if not more than for me. I simply do this as a way to contribute back to people like others have helped me in my musical endeavors. Just trying to transfer my gratitude onward. For those of you who would like to put your music out on another place, try to contact my good friend Rob Taylor at www.numubu.com and his phone is 705-252-0844. I am their on line Pro Tools and Recording consultant, and I love the people on the site as I do the ones here. Both sites seem to attract a great quality of individual. Thanks again for all your support and hang in there all you awaiting musicians wanting air time. I will get to each of you. Thanks! Scott. sgoldberg2000t@gmail.com/www.jcaradio.com and check the archives for previous shows with great unsigned artists, and legends like Dennis Ferrante, John Lennon's producer and engineer when John was still with us, Erin Dickins, co-founder of Manhattan Transfer, WS, "Fluke" Holland of Sun Records' "million dollar quartet" along with former band mate Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis, and then drummer for Johnny Cash. WS is still out there playing at 77! Also you can find Peggy Sue Gerron of Buddy Holly Fame, and Luke George, great engineer and son of the great Lowell George of "Little Feat" Best to all, Scotty Goldberg

To all my new friends

TO all of you who have been so kind to fan me and send me music. I am doing a show this Sunday most likely if I don't stay sick, and I have reached out to most of you and many have sent me music, thank you. If you have not received a personal message from me, and you'd like to come on the show, please email me at sgoldberg2000t@gmail.com and let me know what songs you have sent so I can make sure I have them and I have room for about 3-4 people this week and for those of you who would like an interview and talk shop and play your music, let me know thru my personal email. I'll help as many as possible and get the rest of you on asap, so thanks and patience wins out so hang in there. My show only airs twice a month and I always have someone very special on as a guest to help out and also bring out listeners. We had Dennis Ferrante, John Lennon's producer on last time and I usually have one of my very special friends on each time I air which is one reason I don't do it all the time but it's fun and helpful. I have had the great fortune of playing with many legendary figures in our business and know many more, so this is a nice opportunity for you to get heard. I only ask two things, good artists and no egos! I won't deal with that. Sorry but those who already think they are already legends in their own minds are not welcome. Nothing personal, I've just played with too many and even the famous ones I've played with are not welcome in my house. I am sure you all understand, I guess I'm just getting too old for that shit. Lol. Thanks all and I appreciate all of you who have become fans, I truly appreciate your kindness and the fact you enjoy my music. Peace and good health to you ALL! Scotty www.jcaradio.com and sgoldberg2000t@gmail.com for contact. Peace!

Tune into and get on our show!

Hello again, just a reminder to check in with me fellow reverbers and check out my bi monthly show featuring people like you, unsigned artists who deserve a chance to be heard and also to hear my great legendary friends like Erin Dickins, co-founder of Manhattan Transfer or Dennis Ferrante, John Lennon's producer and engineer. We have a great time and if you fan me and then send me a note to sgoldberg2000t@gmail.com and I'll give more details. It's fun. Also, there's a great site like this for networking. It's different than here and not a competing site, but there are great legendary members on the site who are all cool for the most part, and it's www.NuMuBu.com where I am the official Pro Tools and Recording on line support person. I love the site like this one and it's where I mainly park myself. Call Rob Taylor at 705-525-0844 and talk to him. He's the greatest and knows everybody that's anybody in this business. He's a truly cool and helpful guy. CALL HIM!

Radio Show Opportunities For Unsigned Artists

Hello, Scott Goldberg here from California and I have a special radio show just for unsigned artists. If you are a good musician, and have some music you'd like to share with us and the world, contact me on Facebook at Scott Goldberg, in Milpitas, CA. We can talk and I'll see about getting you on my show. We also have very special guest friends of mine from the industry both on the air and listening (promoters) and some of our past guests have been Peggy Sue Gerron from Buddy Holly's great songs, WS Holland, part of Sun Records' "Million Dollar Quartet, including Elvis Presly, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis. We also have a great selection of people coming on in the near future, including Frankie Sullivan from "Survivor" my good friend Eddy "M" sax player from "Prince" the lovely and talented Erin Dickins from "Manhattan Transfer" and the awesome "Dennis Ferrante" who was John Lennon's producer.

Go to Jam City America Radio or http://www.ameriplantalkradio.com/headermenupage.php?id=68. to listen and email us at jamcity@live.com care of Scott Goldberg/Bud Burger.

It's a fun show and you all here on reverbnation can get your music on the air, meet some fantastic people and share your song writing skills, methods, recording tricks or whatever you want.

I do this show for nothing monetarily, and it's mostly just to give back to people and pass on knowledge and opportunities like this great site does for people.

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from some of you and PLEASE, pass the word. We are the only show on the air that specializes in putting on unheard and unsigned artists along with having superstar guests who are friends of mine that like to help out. Take advantage of the opportunity.