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52 Songs in 52 Weeks - James Hersch

Before '52 Songs' I'd begun to feel like a liar. If you call yourself a songwriter you should be writing songs that will be heard. I needed something to force me into being a songwriter on purpose; to stop feeling like a liar.

Not perfect enough? '52 Songs' was about having faith. I learned to live by "perfect is the enemy of done" and the deadline became my friend. I let go. I learned to turn the page regardless of how I felt Wednesday night- Thursday's deadline was always final.

'52 Song in 52 Weeks' was always about putting myself in a place I'd feel accountable to others. It became like a weekly one-song concert that I could host myself. I realized I could do this on my own; an end-to-end way to deliver my music personally. So here are the songs of a year in my life. -- James