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Finally Rolling

Had a amazing day at practice writing two sick new songs. Really different and technical stuff that makes you wanna move. Will be posting some stuff later this week. Stay Fresh

Name Change

Due to our new sound we are saying R.I.P to Color Kingdom and hello to "The Stone Hawks". Feel this name better represents our style, look, and personalities and we hope you guys like it. Should have our NEW facebook up and running very soon. Time to move forward

Writing, Recording, & Show Updates

So unfortunately our show @ stone pony got cancelled but we decided to use that time to do some serious work in the writing department. We've been throwing around countless ideas putting together what we think is an awesome ass sound you're all gonna love. You can check out some rough instrumentals of our new stuff on the page and we will continuously be posting new music every time we write something worthwhile...

Really working hard nowadays to get on some good shows so you guys can come out to show some love and hear our new style. Its gonna be one hell of a show once we get it all ready and in order so stay tuned.

Also we are glad to announce that in early June we will be recording at East Coast Recording Studios with a grammy winning producer! It will most likely only be a song or two due to financial issues but stay posted so you can hear our stuff professional produced and mastered.

Stay classly -Kyle

First Official Update

So its March and we're finally up and rolling. We have our first show at The Grape Room on March 9th which we're pumped for . and also have been constantly writing and working on new ideas to put together a full length CD eventually.

While we played around with different sounds for a while, it seems like we've finally found what we were going for and its sweet. We've gotten into a lot more of a true rock sound lately similar to JET with some funk and hard rock mixed in. Tough to describe but definetly have a good feeling about it and where we are headed as musicians

While we have two more songs entitled "Late Night Talks" and "Vices" from our February recording sessions coming soon, they won't fully showcase the new sound we've been writing in lately. Still stay tuned and check them out because they blow away the first few recordings we have posted so far

We'll be finding more shows soon so come check in every once and while to see what we're up to.

Take it easy