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"Who is PaperM8?"

"who is P@PERM8?" Born and raised in the Sound View section of the Bronx, Michael Tyrone Turner Jr "PAPERM8" has always been musically incline. From the age of 9 he began writing music. Recording his art on radio shack key boards and karaoke machines, Michael"paperm8" would record with his younger sister Cynia who also is a talented writer. He later went on performing in talent show cases, hip hop work shops, anual park festivals, school concerts, and writing jiggles for t.v commercials At the age of 12 Paperm8, going by the name "Burning Flame" was almost signed to a indie label in New York City, no agreement was pushed and contacts were lost. Paperm8 continued to write and didn't allow that to stop him. Then at the age of 15 he found out he was going to be a father which still didn't put a halt to his music career. "20 years old, going on 40" as he would tell you , PAPERM8 is coming even stronger. his lyrical content has changed much from when he was younger. When listening to his music or watching him perform you see a young man but hear a old soul. PAPERM8 saids " my music is true one way or another, I write about my life and how i see things". He speaks of a wide variety of subjects from self help spiritual content to gang banging in the city streets. PAPERM8 wants to be seen not as a gangster or a saint, but as a gifted artist with a positive and inspiring out look on life.


real locs get down on the floor (like a crip)4x c40 cus! peace my nigga s safe all my locs and my bloods could rock with paperm8. i easily get the cake in every state in every way illegal or not, but never that petty shake. i bet i make ya baby shake and ya older daughter stay out the house to sneak and see a show featuring paperm8. ask ya neighbor say "seen her on t.v the other day?" "dressed like them video girls you see shot on tape." i anit tryna make you mad im just tryna make you hate. i got the twin like the mary kate but mine have a scary face. and a long nose the snub put niggas in their place you scrubs been fake, feels like im watching a t.v show rated G, not for gangsta but gullable you see me though. orange and white diamonds you can call me nemo ho (ahaha) i got mad ho's man even nene know! and thats my baby mama but the bitch is kinda even though. talking bout she cant wait to see me fold, i cant fold dollas to many stacks to hold. but i burn like tabacco and sip the henney slow she let her titty go every time she see that bengy show. so whoa but no, not black rob i drop a number and get you and black robbed. then sypher and pass ya chain around on you tube like the did tyga 40 glocc glad they ran wayne off the block he rep blood but never want to pop. i aint saying im most gangsta of crip but i know red flags and gangsta crips. out in cally we god father s in new york we mafia. hip hop cops on us formally known as the gang unit them faggots really wanna lock us up.