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CD review in Southeast Performer

There are rules that all musicians must live by. The main rules for writing a song are make sure that the hook is catchy, keep the song simple and leave the audience wanting more. But on Joltwagon's self-titled album, some songs are a little long for a country rock record, with nine out of 14 songs going at five minutes or more, which may be a bit overbearing for some listeners.

Now, this doesn't take anything away from the musicianship between David Bradshaw and gang. But, if they are going to be a country rock jam band, they may want to keep the jamming part to just a live atmosphere because it doesn't translate as well to disc. Besides that, the CD is solid and the band has the potential to go much further.

On "Just Fine" and "Fly So High," the guys take all of the elements of writing good jam songs and nail it on the head. The instrumentals on "Klezmer Boogie" are especially phenomenal, stock full of trumpets, clarinet and banjo, sounding like something that may have come out of one of Gomez's lost demo collection.

There is also a softer side to the album, shown on "Kim's Song," where you can tell the love is heartfelt. Then, there are songs that begin on the soft side but evolve into a progressive jam like "Visitors," where Bradshaw exclaims that they are "only here for a little while." Let's hope that they are here a little longer than that to see where this potential takes them on later efforts. (Goldang Records)

-Kenneth Gambill

Gypsy G's in Greenville SC

Its been a while since we have posted anything new sorry for that. We have been really busy playing shows, looking for shows etc etc. So on July 28th we were setup to play with Mic Harrison and The High Score. http://www.myspace.com/micharrison .

When we arrive to Gypsy's theres quite a few folks there from Greg Sipe's friends and family. We were a bit early so we got to hang out and have a few drinks with everybody. Scott (owner of Gypsy's) arrived and we got setup for soundcheck! Scott is a true class act! Being a musician himself, he really made us feel comfortable and at home! The place is awesome. Huge Stage, Lots of room, Great Sound system and monitors. I only hope the sound was as good in the crowd as it was on stage. We played for a little over an hour and let Mic and the boys take over. Robbie Trosper (The High Score )wasnt able to make the show. Just to clarify.....The High Score supports Mic but also has their own sound and a great sound it is! So since Robbie wasnt able to make the show they brought a replacement from Atlanta with them by the name of "PONCH". Its not his real name but I didnt get it or cant remember it... Anyways Ponch did an excellent job filling in! The show was awesome the guys sounded great and seemed to have a great time. we hope to be able to do more shows with them soon, if they'll have us! Check out The Gypsy G's here.. We are going to be heading back to Halos in Johnson City this weekend and just FYI there are talks of a CD release party coming up...... Stay in touch! Subscribe to the blog so you will be informed! We hope to have Mic Harrison out for that one also!

Our First CD Review

Joltwagon just dropped its eponymous debut CD, a whip-smart country-rock collection with enough minor-key excursions and exotic instrumentation (including klezmer clarinet and "speaking in tongues") to foretell a fine future.

-Mountain Xpress-

Another Great Weekend

So, its been a little while since an update! This weekend I gotta say was amazing! To start it off, on friday Dave and Greg and I ( Cory) drove up to Hot Springs to see the Orobouro's play and to reserve ourselves a place to stay for saturday night. The Orobouro's were great, really unique sound! Unfortunatley we had to bail to haul ass to Spartanburg to play at The Nu-Way lounge. This was a lot of fun. I kept saying this is a place where I could get really drunk! Dalton had just returned home from a trip to Prague and got a ride from the airport straight to the gig. Were glad he's home! It just wouldnt have been the same without him! The show went great, people that came out seemed to like it, some more than others. Spartanburg was also having there annual "Spring Fling" that night, where they close off the streets and have music and stuff, so there wasnt as many people there as usual. Special thanks to The Nu-Way, Marc Higgins from the Marc Higgins band http://www.myspace.com/marchigginsband for having us play! We had a great time and were talking about returning later this month! Thanks also to everyone in Spartanburg for sticking around!

Saturday we headed back up to Hot Springs to perform and really to party! We were able to see some exccelent bands! My neighbor here in Asheville hooked us up with a keg from Pisgah Brewery in Black Mountain. So you can make this into a nursery ryhm.... "everywhere that Joltwagon went the Keg was sure to go". Including on stage with us. I think this was a plot schemed up by Mr. Bradshaw. Maybe if we can get em drunk they'll buy some CD's. Apparently it worked! We sold a few CD's, some folks got some free beer! We had a great time playing and it always feels good when your playing and you see folks out there dancing! For me... thats what its all about! The party dosent end there..... After us was Shadegrown.... total Rock and Roll! Great band. After Shadegrown was The TrainWrecks. I had heard alot about these guys! They were alot of fun... Lots o dancing.. straight up party! After the TrainWrecks, I did alot of strolling... Great thing about Festivals you can meet a ton of folks. Walk up to their fire and people treat you as if you have been a friend for life! So I got to meet alot of people. NEXT- was THE GOURDS from Austin Texas. I had never seen them live but from now on if I am around when they are in town.... I am there! DAMN what a good time. These guys can play! It seemed like everyone that was at the festival was there to see The Gourds! Lots of smiles and just people having a great time! Greg Sipes returns to the Joltwagon VW corner with a guitar. I am not sure it was put down after that. I had to do some more wandering. I grabbed my Djembe and took off into the night. Met up with a bunch of folks and had a blast in a drum circle. Bounced from Campfire to campfire and eventually made it back to the JW corner! So at this point everyone else was out doing some wandering and was stopping by our fire. So we all sit around playing guitar and telling lies.....at this point its roughly 5 a.m. and the keg has just floated! Perfect timing... I was just starting to tap into the water! After this..... its all a blur!

Thank you to everyone at the FBRF and in Hot Springs for putting this on. Also Thank you to everyone who came and saw us play! It was a blast and thanks for buying our CD! Please check our calendar often and let us know if your gonna make one of our shows! Please stop by and say hello!!!!!

Monster Knoxville Weekend

So I thought I would sum up the Knoxville weekend for everyone! We rolled into town at 11:30 am. Unknowing that our soundcheck for the WDVX Blue Plate special was scheduled for 11. Talk about a stressful situation. Matt the sound guy for WDVX was a true proffesional. He kept his cool which helped us keep ours. We were running around like crazy setting up and trying to get a sound check in before they show started. Which was at 12. Anyway we got everyhting done and things were succesful. Kevin Abernathy local knoxville singer/songwriter opened up. He sounded excellent great tunes and voice, he shared his time with another K-town cat TYE- cant remember his last name but was really good too. LARRY KEEL took the stage next. First time I had heard these guys live and I was truly impressed. Damn those guys can pick!!! Wade Hill played with with his superb lineup. Terry Phillips shared the stage with Wade. Terry is a great guy and can really pick as well. So some younger girl asks what kind of music Joltwagon was.....quoting her " if its Rock, I am leavin"! HAHAH. We took the stage and I was really surprised how many people stuck around. I fugured that since it was a 2 hour special that most people would be gone after the 1st hour, but really alot of folks stuck around. Thank you to all who did! The show came off great and we look forward to getting back and doing another one thats not quite so hectic! Thank you WDVX!

Friday Night we were scheduled to play at The Prince Deli in west Knoxville. we arrive a little early to this one and take our time. Scott McMahan and Tommy "Sausage Mahoney" Eakins play first. What a sound. Scotts voice and songwriting with Tommy's guitar work is really a great combination. We played next, and by this time theres starting to be a decent crowd. The only trouble is the venue is located between a Waffle House/ Super Adult bookstore and a Harley shop! What more does a man need right? this was my first time experiencing the security of playing behind a shield. Thats right a plexiglass barrier! The sound I thought was really good. I am not used to having my own monitor. You can ask the other guys what they thought! Collosal Head came on next. And I was blown away. First a the scarf that Micah was wearing! HAHA but he backed it up! These guys were great! All of them! Micah switched from Guitar to Banjo to Ukelele to keyboard to Banjo and back! All while carrying the lead vocals! Pat was an inspiration on the pedal steel and lead guitar. Grant and Shaggy carried the percussion section through a journey of sound and the bass player was layin down some funk! We had plans to stay with Kirk Fleta www.myspace.com/kirkfleta or www.campervanmusic.com . He is on our friends page. Everyone should hear some of his music. So some of the Colossal Head guys come back over to Kirks and we party for a while. And this is where this friday night story ends. Because I dont remember too much more!!! HHAHHA