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For SURE PORTLAND tour, 2nd Album, and other news

Finally some good news for all of you who have been patiently waiting for us to get our butts up to Portland - we will be there on our FOR SURE PORTLAND TOUR this July! We'll be starting the tour on the Oregon Coast at the Oregon Coast Music Festival in Coos Bay, then onto Lincoln City, and then finally yes - to Portland! We are still working out the details but we know we will be playing in Portland the weekend of July 22nd-24th. More news on that soon. So stoked to finally be making it up there! We will also be doing a mini tour through the Napa Valley in August, so keep your eyes peeled for that one as well; please come support us and send anyone you know in the area our way! And don't worry to the locals here in Medford/Ashland/Grants Pass - we will still definitely be playing some shows in our hometown :) Currently on the menu is March 11th at Roxyann Winery, July 14th at Red Lily Winery, Friday June 24th @ Schmidt Winery (for an Applegator Fundraiser), and many more TBA. We will be adding shows to our Reverbnation homepage as we schedule them so please keep checkin' back. Can't wait for summer! Some more news on the DL - we are going to start working on our 2nd Album this Spring, and it will have 10x the epicness and catchyness of our first album 'Alright.' Cannot WAIT to get started on that! Release date and more info about the album will be announced soon. We can't wait to see you on March 11th or at some of our upcoming shows this summer. You guys are the best! See ya'll soon! - T.E.S.

Check out our first album at our reverb homepage (www.reverbnation.com/theeveningshades) and purchase on Itunes, Amazon, Cdbaby, and more! Every penny goes straight into our next project, we appreciate the support more than you know!

Debut Album Out! Future Plans

What a busy summer it has been! We played about 30 shows in 4 months, and had a blast doing it! Thanks to all you guys that come out to support us; it is so much easier to stay home and not do anything so the fact that you make an effort to come party with us means more than you know. There will be plenty more opportunities in the future as well, so let's just say the party is just on hiatus for now ;-) Despite all the shows we've played, we were also able to release our debut album 'Alright' this August. It has been a long time coming, thanks for your patience, we wanted the best product we could provide for you and that took some time! Especially since we had to start from scratch 6 months after recording (power surge destroyed the hard drive AND back up hard drive that was plugged in!! Bad luck!). Everything happens for a reason though, and we are really proud of the final product. You can pick it up on Itunes, CDbaby, Amazon, and a host of other sites. Search 'The Evening Shades - Alright' and you can find it! We will be slowing down on playing shows from October through the new year to concentrate on working on new material. Many songs we already have in the works, just need to get em' nice and polished. We have other good news to announce soon, but we will keep it suspenseful for a little longer :-). We will be playing on the coast at the Coos Bay Liberty Pub for their Halloween party, and then in Medford at Habeneros on November 20th. Catch ya later! - The Evening Shades

Rising Stars Champ 2015! Album and Concert updates

Hi guys, many of you probably have heard but had to mention in our blog that we were the Rising Stars Winners for 2015! Of the 16 original bands our fans alone helped raise over HALF the total money that went to the LifeArt charity..so yeah...you guys rock!! Thanks again everybody that voted for us and donated to a good cause, it will go a long way and really help a lot of kids which is awesome. We met a lot of new fans and bands, saw some great talent from around the area, and just had a great time in general. Look for us in the Summer issue of Southern Oregon Magazine, the May issue of Jacksonville review among many others! Thanks again to Porscha Schiller, South Stage Cellars, The Britt, and everyone else that helped put this all together! The album is coming along very nicely, we have several tracks close to 100% done and are working on the album artwork and other details - now getting really close - you will see our first LP soon! Shouldn't be more than a few months at most, and the first TBA single should be out before that. You can bet we will keep you updated as it progresses! Our summer show schedule is filling up fast. We are proud to have recently signed our first booking agent from the Oregon Booking Association! He will be instrumental in getting the Portland/West Coasts tours set up so we can reach and connect with many more people this summer. We will of course be playing many shows locally in Southern Oregon; keep your eye on ReverbNation for our complete show schedule, we tend to only put our big shows up on Facebook. Thanks as always for the support Shades, we're happy to have each and every one you with us on our musical journey! Look forward to seeing all of you soon! - || Mark | Matt | Sammy | Justen ||

Shades Update for 2015

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a killer 2015 so far, we are for sure and very excited for quite a few reasons..here's what it looks like in the Shades world for 2015. Album - We had a few delays due to upgrading equipment during recording, gaining a guitarist and then losing a guitarist (thus having to rewrite the guitar parts twice!). Now we are flowing and are working hard on the album every chance we get (which ends up being about once or twice a week since November). It is coming into fruition and sounding awesome! We are so excited to get it to you all but want to make sure we don't rush anything and give you the killer album we've been promising and you've been waiting for. Right now the release date will be in the March/April area and the album will contain 12 original tracks. We will keep you posted of course. Shows - 2015 will be a year of many shows for us, and we are stoked! We wanted to wait till the album was finished before we started playing but it looks like that won't be the case - we are excited to start off our shows with two big ones - February 21st at the Schoolhaus Brewhaus Ballroom in Jacksonville 7pm- they will be doing wine tasting and snacks and other fun stuff if you are in the area this would be a great one to come to! Also we are playing the semi finals of the 2015 Rising Stars on February 28th at 7pm. It is across the street from South Stage Cellars on the 2nd floor above Boomtown Saloon. Ticket release date will be out shortly. Other than that we will have a busy summer playing mainly festivals and wineries and fitting in a few minis tours. So if you're out of Medford keep your eye open we may be coming to visit you! Can't wait to see you all soon and party and play some our music for you. Lots of new originals coming 2015!

Out with the old, In with the new!

There comes a time to move on, and we have decided that now is that time. That is a good thing! This means we are getting closer and closer to completing our debut album, and can't wait to release it. It is going to blow you away. The EP songs we released when we first formed as a band will still be available to download on Itunes and Cdbaby, but are gone from our website forever. For now we give you our first scratch track unedited teaser called Gameshow from our unreleased album...would love to know what you think. We have three more shows this year - The Rocky Tonk in downtown Medford at 9pm October 24th, Boomtown Saloon in Jacksonville 830pm October 25th, and Halloween party at G Street Bar and Grill on October 31st 8pm. We are taking a break from playing live to concentrate on finishing the album to have ready for you around late December - February area. Thanks for you continued support Shades, hope to see you at one of our last shows! Mark/Matt/Sammy/Brando

Joan Jett and what's up next!

Opening for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts was a blast last night, met a lot of great people and had a killer show! Thanks everyone that helped make that night such a good time. This Wednesday September 3rd come down and vote for us at the Semi Finals of the Last Band Standing being held at the Whiskey Room downtown Medford at 8pm!! Hope to see you there. Heading to Klamath Falls next weekend then back in Jacksonville at South Stage Cellars, then the music and arts festival in downtown Medford then out to Glendale for the Freedom in the Forest festival. Check out of show schedule for details. We released our first single at battle of the bands a few weeks ago, really excited to keep working on the album and get it out before Christmas, can't wait for you to hear it! Once we release our first single online, we will be taking everything we have online currently down so get the EP while you can. We will be posting more about the album in the next few months! Thanks to all the Shades out there for always supporting us, we will see you soon - Mark/Brando/Sammy/Matt

New Guitarist, Album Update and upcoming events

Hey guys, been a while since our last blog! Here's what has been going on. We had been searching for a guitarist for quite some time (like a year and a half!) to play lead so Steve could do rhythm and Mark could concentrate on singing. After going through too many people haha we met Sam. Killer guitarist on top of his many other skills. He is the perfect fit for us as far as talent, creativeness, dedication, similarities and many other things. So nice to finally have the right fit after so much searching. Glad to have him as a part of the band and he will certainly add a lot to our sound; looking forward to everyone getting the chance to hear him. We have been getting him familiar with our songs and figuring out parts together that will make every song better which is why its been a while since our last show. Our first show as a full band will be this friday at Jefferson Spirits. We are stoked!! Finally time to play!! Check out our shows tab for all of our upcoming shows, we are going to have a super busy music filled summer and can't wait. We have also been working on our album in the studio. It is several months out for sure, but we want to do this right and give you guys an awesome album you will love! We will be releasing the first singed 'Played' soon, probably in August it looks like. Will keep you posted on all that. Hope you all come see us play soon! Got new songs, shirts, keychains and other cool stuff. Have an awesome summer more soon! - Shades

Rising Stars finals and other news

We got more support during Rising Stars than we ever could have hoped for, but due to a collapsed lung and immediate need for surgery the same day of the finals we weren't able to compete. We will tackle this one next year and win it with your support. Though Mark won't be able to sing for around 2 months we will still be busy. We will definitely still be practicing and getting all of our new material down so we will have a bunch of new songs to play for our next show which we are stoked about. We think our new stuff is even better than our old, and think you'll agree. Looking forward to our next show which will most likely be in late April or early May. As mentioned in the facebook post, we do have some neat things we are working on now too so not to give too much a way but new media is on the horizon! Thanks for being a fan and supporting what we do, we will keep bringing more awesome music and shows! More news soon.

Rising Stars, Musical Seduction Magazine

If we haven't made it loud and clear yet we are playing in the Semi Finals of Rising Stars on February 1st in Jacksonville, OR! Please come out and vote for us. We will be the 4th of 4 acts, show starts at 5 and we play at 8. We are also going to be featured in Musical Seduction magazine where they will be reviewing our demo; look forward to hearing what they have to say! More on that later. Hope to see you soon, thanks as always for supporting The Evening Shades you all rock!

Vents Magazine Interview

Vents entertainment and music magazine has done a feature interview of us on their website! Check it out here http://ventsmagazine.com/the-evening-shade/