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We're not so different so I am told

We're not so different you and I You have wings that let you fly You search the sky's day and night but your dreams you never seem to find; I too search but with wingless desires My piece is still missing the hole on a pedestal subconsciously admired. Perspective is key but I know why you can't see for your eyes are blind to what's both forgotten and required; We're not so different the young from the old History unlearned means story's retold Like present looked past tells tales for relapse and a future not designed means life re-defined. We're not so different boy to girl Though the idea might send your thoughts in a whirl He carries on for the idea of pride She maintains to keep the tears in her eyes. While he loses touch with reality he depresses, and she does the same but on sight of each other repress this. Do you feel you're alone? This world is a house from your home? You're not the only one There is an octave out there but your vision is monotone Whats still unknown a story to unfold We're not so different so I am told.