recording verses performing?

I myself love both recording and performing. There are two sides to your music. The creation and documentation. Getting the energy tracked as you'd like for history. The performance is where you play with your creation and share the energy live with an audience.

new attitude for 2013

Filled with energy about this new year. I truly want to be better at everything. Washing dishes, cleaning house, fine art black and white film photography, classical guitar, relations with people, health and fitness and dreaming big! I'm just happy to be alive and able to move forward with love and friendship. Cheers!

teach what you love

Looking back at the last 15 years I'm grateful I started teaching guitar. It has made me a better player and brought much satisfaction. I'm thinking about teaching b/w film photography too!

what it takes

People ask me what does it take to be a musician. I think you've got to be a little crazy, passionate, committed, tenacious, sincere, and being lucky doesn't hurt. Really though music is the spiritual food of life. To play music, you are engaging in inspired thought. I couldn't think of life without music. In the morning I listen to the birds and think "Wow I'm glad to be alive!"

music is a wonder!

I was teaching a song to a student when I realized, all songs are from someones creativity. This is obvious, but when you think about it, it is pretty amazing. Music theory is one thing, but the thoughts and inter workings of one mind is a wonder. The feelings and perspective of that one mind, comes through. What we believe, what we are scared of. What we love and what we would change if we could. If you think about it we all have a songwriter inside us. Cheers!



Hey peeps! SCRANTON played the Mutiny last Saturday. We played for 2/20 productions. There were a lot of bands and we all Rocked! We are playing at the Bistro, in Hayward, this Friday. We are playing with the ol Cheekey Bastards. Come on out and rock!