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There comes a time in life, when one must "grow up" and face realities of life. Among those realities is sickness, and death. When sickness and death become inevitable, it becomes pointless to fight against them any longer. So, at what point does one say 'I will not live long; therefore, for what purpose should I live a life now?" Does one ever truly give up a life they love? Or do they simply continue to live, until that last spark is gone? Some days, the answer is harder than others.

Brio'con  (over 3 years ago)

♦☼ Sweet Sash இڿڰۣ--- Mind Provoking blog here xx Yes there does come a time when one must grow up and are forced to face life's realities. We are all here with one thing in common in life, we are born to die at some stage. Sadly to many Children, Teenagers, Adults, People in general all around the globe are called in for whatever the reasons? So many do not get the chance to live a long life – I believe Angels call them in because they are more needed up in Summerland இڿڰۣ--- Now focusing on sickness and death when it becomes so painful for the people to go through this inevitable process - plus all there love ones. It really does make me think. My personal opinion is as harsh as it may sound in these kind of scenarios, I feel they should on a spiritual level continue to live until that last spark spiritually takes them to the bright lights இڿڰۣ--- Just my outtake – this is why this blog is a very mind provoking subject because many people will have there own outtakes with a whole lot of emotions, views and beliefs. Very deep and complex subject and I feel we should all take on-board how do we truly feel about your very mind provoking blog. I say (God Bless) to all that are in a happier place now, with love and respect!! Your Musical friend ♦☼ Bernie ♦☼

New Hope

I finished the lyrics to my newest song last night. Now I have a ton of songs to record. Hope everyone enjoys them when I get them done and up.


After yet another bout with depression, I have gotten the strength back to not only take care of myself, but the house also. Now, it is time to record the songs I wrote while I was down. Here's hoping something good comes from them. 3 Much love to my fans!

Who can change the world? We all can!

To anyone who ever says, "I'm only one person; I can't change the world"

You may not change the entire world, but you can change the world of those you meet. It is amazing how much support is being given to the Break the Silence to Stop the Violence movement. Victims and survivors everywhere are starting to talk about their experiences. Why? Because people, just like you and me, stood up and said "It's time we listen to those who talk. It's time we take a stand" And, you know something? My music does have a message. A message that no matter what you are going through, you're not the only one. You are not alone; you have people somewhere who will know what you're going through, understand your emotions and your reactions, and needs your support and friendship just as much as you need theirs. That's it, plain and simple. We need a world of LOVE so that we can HEAL! And when I get even just one short line "Thanks Sasha, Song of Survivors was really what I needed to hear today" That, my friends, THAT is what music is REALLY all about. Reaching out and touching someone's heart, helping them, healing them, giving them hope, and faith, and strength, and courage to KEEP FIGHTING!

My Wordly Rant of the Day: Part Two

Do not say we need to teach men not to rape. This is degrading to both women and men. Studies show that the majority of women raped are wearing jeans and tee shirt/hoodies, not club wear. The majority of women are raped by an acquaintance, not by a stranger. Facts need to be found before people attempt to speak. Do not tell women they "asked for it" by their actions. Conversely, by saying we need to teach men not to rape is saying that every man, at his core base, is a rapist, and that it is our job to conform him to a non-rapist point of view. This is derogatory against men. Most men I know already have the non-rapist core values. This is no one's fault but the rapists', and guys, I'm going to say it for you. MEN CAN BE VICTIMS OF RAPE AS WELL! That being said, ladies, how would you feel if we, as an entire gender population, were told we need to be taught not to rape? Rape is a serious issue that knows no bounds, be it gender, religion, race, sexual preference, age, social status, economic status, etc

My Wordly Rant of the Day: Part One

To EVERY PERSON out there, whether you're an artist, a CEO, a student, etc...Focus on YOUR strengths and talents and abilities. Don't take time out of your life trying to tear other people down. You can't make them worse; so focus on making yourself better. That's the only way to the top, man, by focusing on improving yourself.

Acappella Freestyle

So. Today has been a very very rough day with my depression and schizophrenia. So many voices in my head, laughing at me, mocking me, judging me, making me feel inferior, making me feel insignificant. I had been working on Save Me (entirely different song) and my mic was still on...from the bottom of my heart I cried out to God, not realizing I had missed the stop button on my mic. When I played back Save Me, I found this, and...I hope someone out there somewhere hears this when they need to know that they are not the only one who suffers, that they are not alone. And if by some miracle I help someone, I hope they can pass it along. We are too many in this world to feel this alone. But we have to reach out for others, if we want them in our lives.

New Songs

I have recently done a pre-release of Rescue Our Tomorrow, and am currently working on Save Me. However, due to still having the blasted bloody freaking flu (thak you my dear sweet roommate for thinking you have to share EVERYTHING with me, lol) and a busted mic that sounds like autotune gone WAY wrong, I am having to push back my release dates. I hope to have them out shortly, however. Lots of love! 3 ~ Sasha

Don't Speak

Don't speak permanent words in a fit of temporary emotion. You can never take it back, no matter how you wish you could.

Upcoming Tracks!

Wow! Since I'm not able to record again yet (stupid flu keeps ruining tracks with sneezing and coughing and sniffling, lol) I decided to focus on lyrics for my upcoming album, Healing Hands. Today I have pounded out lyrics for 3 songs already! Cannot wait to record! Is anyone else excited?!