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Last Night

A big thanks to everyone who came down to see us last night. It was awesome set and the reaction to the new stuff was cool, nice to see a few flannels floating around, not including mine! Also, thanks to Davestock and the sound guys for putting us on and to the Midwich Cookoos and Prolecall for supporting us and playing two fantastic sets. We'll be playing Manchester at Dry Live on the 11th April, so get your arses down! - Adam

Amps and Pedals

Hey, today i picked up my new Fender Mustang IV amp and managed to get my hands on a Boss DS-1 pedal, guess we'll have to baptize them by fire on the 29th! :D Adam


sad day today, pen, paper and guitar at the ready for lyrics

Tonight and beyond

Hey, i've just got back from Preston watching a few bands which i really enjoyed, Midas Fall, Elohymn and Moja. I've seen the latter two before and were amazing as always (especially Moja, anyone who loves a punk vibe check them out) but i loved Midas Fall, they were awesome, reminded me of the Cranberries for some reason, all in all a fantastic night!


I've just found this blog tool...thing...anyway, hey, this is Adam, i just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who's listened to our page and liked it so far, it's awesome to see the response. I'm currently chilling out having a listen to some R.E.M. whilst eating apple and strawberry pie...tasty. I've uploaded some pics for you guys to see the guys behind the music. Speaking of which, we're currently in writing sessions again and some wicked tunes are coming from it, which the three of us can't wait for you guys to hear! Anyway, enough rambling, take it easy, peace