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1833 AD / Blog

New bass player announcement

1833 AD would like to announce the latest member to the 1833 AD family. Shakti Singh, the former bass player for the flag bearers of Death Metal in India, IIIrd Sovereign, would be taking over the bass duties for the band. Shakti's skills on the bass are well known amongst the Indian Metal circle and would give an edge to the 1833 AD sound. We welcome you brother and hope to conquer and uncover newer territories of music and performances in the future. Hope we go a long way together.

Cheers, \m/ 1833 AD \m/

The Black Mass Festival - Sri Lanka - 2nd July'11

I guess I did take a time out from updating the blog, but I thought it would be unfair to not put in details regarding the havoc and mayhem 1833 AD created as the headliner for "The Black Mass Festival" in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We did have a long and tiring journey on our hands to reach Sri Lanka, thanks to me being the travel planner at hand.

Day 1:

We had an early morning flight to Colombo and had an early morning wakeup call thanks to our pilot. Our man Friday (Air India pilot) decided to race with Lufthansa airlines on the damn runway, and we could hear the tires screaming for mercy. Another hour later, and few immigration formalities we landed at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo.

After 6 hours of waiting (Phew!! It did require some insane amount of patience) in the airport lobby, our brethren from Sri Lanka (Dhisti) arrived to take us to our home to be for the next few days. Colombo is a beautiful city, and I must say Damn Clean (Indian cities need to learn from them). After a few hours of driving, and some beers down, we reach the place where we were put up (a beautiful house, away from civilization, in the middle of nowhere). The evening was quite eventful with the Indian version of Ramayana headfirst against the Sri Lankan version. To be honest, their version made more sense to me, too long a story to recite now but I'll give you something to think about. Sita was Ravan's daughter, now go google it. We had a great time the first night, listening to some quality old school BM and some good old JD to give us company. Dhisti guys eventually changed our name from 1833 AD to 1833 JD :p

Day 2:

Today was the day for exploring Sri Lanka, we didn't have too many options as all places to check out required an overnight journey, so we landed up in Colombo. The city is quite disciplined and unlike Indian metros is quite well behaved. We had our first jam with Nishant after quite a while, and were still contemplating the set list we would be playing. The day was quite uneventful other than Raghav and Sushmit ogling at all the cars on the road in Colombo. They had a hard time believing, Sri Lanka had all variants of cars in automatic transmission. They were on a mission to find out.

We went to the beach later on and were warned to watch out for small groups of people who would mug you if they found you alone. It was refreshing to be at a beach after ages and all tiredness went away in a moment.

Day 3:

We had our sound check in the morning, it didn't take too long. Raghav wasn't too happy with the drum kit but he was glad he had got his cymbals along, which were the only saving grace. As evening approached, the crowd had thickened and it was time for darkness to dawn over Colombo. The crowd cheered us on as we shred through our setlist and about to leave the stage when the crowd called out the name which brings an evil sadistic smile on all Black metallers face – Mayhem "Freezing Moon". We ended our set with the Mayhem cover with the fans headbanging in sync to pay tributes to the Black Metal forefathers.

Day 4:

Our last day in Sri Lanka had quite an eventful night, we again had an early morning flight back to India and we decided we'll stay in Colombo only and go straight to the airport. Marlin (Vocalist – Dhisti) suggested we can stay back at a Karaoke bar, and we all thought it won't be that bad, we can sing the night away. To our surprise as soon as we entered the place, we got surrounded by girls willing to do anything for money. We finally realized what it was and decided that a karaoke bar in Colombo means something very different from what we have here in India. (Lesson learnt) After free food (thanks to Sushmit, and me being allergic to sea food) we finally reached the airport and boarded our plane back to Mother India.

It was quite an experience in its own to play our first International gig and headlining it at the same time and we would love to play again in Sri Lanka.



1833 AD Live on 29th May @ B69 supporting Demonic Resurrection

All we can say is we were floored by the Mumbai metal fans the last time we played there as part of the "Black Metal Krieg", so we really couldn't resist the temptation of getting an opportunity to be a part of an extreme metal gig happening at B69 in Mumbai. And this time, its alongside the biggest extreme metal act out of India, Demonic Resurrection. 1833 AD would be supporting Demonic Resurrection at B69 in Mumbai on the 29th of May. Its been quite a while since we did a gig, as our schedule has been tied down to reaching the studio in the morning, tracking the whole day, having Egg Devils in the evening and then the usual late night song restructuring sessions. The album has been keeping us away from the action, but I must say it is framing out quite well; "My Dark Symphony" should be out by September, and we are sure our fans and friends would rejoice in the dark and evil atmosphere it would bring along with it. After such a long hiatus, we are eagerly awaiting to unleash our Black Metal aggression in Mumbai. Cheers, Sickgod

End of Time Tour - Tour Diary

We finally finish our 4 city End of Time tour of India and have come out stronger than ever with new supporters adding up from each city which witnessed the sheer force of Black Metal that 1833 AD has to offer.

13th Nov - Bengaluru - Kyra Bengaluru started off as a pain, early morning flight (we almost missed it), distance from the airport to the city (whose idea was it) and the biggest of them all - NO "affordable" JAMPADS. But apart from all the problems the city may have due to their Live acts hating administration, there were some true Black Metallers there to support us. The evil grin on my face started getting bigger as Black Metal worshipers wearing Mayhem, Marduk tees started walking in. Kyra was an awesome venue to play at, and everything from the stage, the lighting to the sound was perfect. And at the end after the set was finished we had added up a few more warriors to our Black Metal army.

14th Nov - Hyderabad - Torque After a grueling journey from Bengaluru to Hyderabad in a Bus with three people sharing two seat (me being the one who had to use the hand rests as back rest.. Ouch!!), we reach the Hotel to find out we had to go to a different hotel. The organizers were really nice to accommodate us in some nice rooms in the other Hotel. As the evening dawned I could hear the war cry in my head to unleash hell in Hyderabad. The stage was set for another night of mayhem and darkness.

19th Nov - Jalandhar - LPU (Cancelled) What can I say about this gig. They closed down at 6:30 PM (omg!!! I'm sure there were fellow vampires waiting to join us onstage which they were scared of). The students wanted the show to start off but the dean was a prick. I could feel the disappointment amongst the crowd especially our 1833 AD friends who had come all the way from Shimla to see us. (We'll definitely have a reason to do a show in Shimla now)

21st Nov - New Delhi - Double Decker I could never understand why the venue was so down in energy. Maybe it was the fear of a new week starting off the next day. This was more of a private performance for some of our good friends and fans. \m/

26th Dec - Mumbai - B69 (Black Metal Krieg) Wow!!! Mumbai has got be the best place we have ever performed. The crowd was all true Black Metal worshipers (no posers) and the best part, it was an all Black Metal gig. We had prepared a special treat for this gig specifically, and covered Mayhem - Freezing Moon just to show our respect to these BM monsters. The crowd went insane when we announced Mayhem and sang along to the entire song. \m/ . We had great fun hanging out with our BM brothers from Mumbai (Stark Denial, Spiked Crib) and Sri Lanka (Drishti). This was a perfect example of what a Black Metal gig should be like.

\m/ \m/ \m/ All Hails Sickgod

Black Metal Krieg @ B69, Mumbai - 26th Dec'10

1833 AD would be playing for the first time in Mumbai along with our fellow Black Metal acts Stark Denial, Spiked Crib, and Tartarus. This gig would be the last one as part of our End of Time tour and we would be playing 2 new songs which haven't been uploaded on reverbnation as yet. The songs would be recorded at Grey Studios by Anupam Roy (Grey & Saurian) and should be done in time for our deadline for "My Dark Symphony". Looking forward to witness Mumbaiker Black Metal madness!!! \m/\m/\m/\m/ Cheers Sickgod

1833 AD on Myspace

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