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"So Many Voices" is Complete!

Well, this week, we put the final touches on the "So Many Voices" record. So excited that it's complete, and we can't wait for you all to hear it! It's heading out to the printer with some fabulous album art by Sean. Official release date: August 1, 2013!

Step One: The Single

For the story behind the new single, "Step One," check out our blog: InToOneMusic.blogspot.com. Let us know what you think!

Free: the Single

The story behind our new single, "Free" is on Becky's blog. Check it out: Becky.Bennett.blogspot.com.

"Free" will be available on iTunes on 3-17-13.

The Story Behind the Record: Bleach

Check out our official blog to get the story behind the record: Bleach.


Becky's Inside Blog

If you're interested, Becky is keeping up an additional blog, going a bit deeper into the whole Voices thing. Check it out at Becky-Bennett.blogspot.com.

What "So Many Voices" is All About

In this life, we are inundated by voices. They tell us who to be, how to live, what to look like, what we need, what we deserve, why things are happening, and what is real. It can be incredibly challenging to hear truth through the noise.

The "So Many Voices" project is a journey.

We move from place to place. Sometimes we can only hear ourselves and other times So Many Voices are shouting so loudly that we can't hear much of anything. We hit rock-bottom. We get overwhelmed and nothing around us makes sense. We aren't even sure of our own identity, and we just can't seem to make anything work. From that valley, we start to learn how to separate the voices around us and choose which ones to listen to and when to listen to them. The most crucial moment is when we discover which voice is the One that will always speak truth to us, the One we can trust. When we listen to that Voice, we find that the challenges in life are producing something more than the moment might reveal. We learn how to move through them, and that there is a bigger picture than what we can see with our eyes. We learn that we each have a purpose.

I don't know about you, but I want that Voice to be the loudest One in my head, the One I can hear and trust and believe. The Voice I need. The Voice that I really listen to. The Voice that knows me and loves me better than anybody else. The Voice that makes me alive.