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Video Shoot

Alright everyone on September 21st we will be shooting a live video shoot for Dirt Road Princess. This is a free event cause we want all the fans to come out support us and be apart of the video so make sure yall come show up and show out TMC style.

Signed to Georgia Country

Ten Mile Creek is now signed as a Georgia Country artist

Ten Mile Creek Introduction

What do you think of when someone says Ten Mile Creek? Some answers could be - a good place to fish, a ranch in the edge of Bulloch County, or maybe even a few readers have guessed that Ten Mile Creek is a band. All these answers are correct but only one is sure to provide an experience found only at one of their upcoming shows. When Ten Mile Creek takes the stage, you will be amazed by their ability, compatibility, enthusiasm, and an energy that draws you in, it’s contagious. Ten Mile Creek is an up and coming country band from right here in Claxton, Georgia. It was founded earlier this year by Guitarist/Vocalist Brendon J Sapp, Bassist Dalton Hutcheson, Guitarist David Hallman, and Drummer/Vocalist Samarie Palmer. While Ten Mile Creek is new on the scene, its members have been playing for several years. Brendon was the “Front Man” for Stoneheart, while Dalton, Samarie, and David co-founded No Trespassing. Collectively, Ten Mile Creek has over fifteen years of experience performing on stages in this area. Ten Mile Creek recently played for guests at this year’s annual Wildlife Festival. These boys are extremely talented and devoted to their music. When asked to describe the dynamics of the band Brendon jokes, "We are just good ole boys makin' noise." This “Noise”, as he calls it, is a mix of New Country, covers of Country Favorites, and Original Country Music. That’s right - a band that was formed less than six months ago has ORIGINALS. Ten Mile Creek band members have written three songs together, one of which can be heard on their facebook page (along with several covers). Ten Mile Creek’s goal is simple according to “the boys”, “We love Country Music and we love playing music together. Yes, we would love to ‘make it big’ but our main focus is making sure everyone who comes out to our shows leaves satisfied with their Ten Mile Creek experience.” This determination and drive is sure to take Ten Mile Creek to the next level. So, catch a show when you can! Support local talent – then one day (hopefully very soon), you can say, I know those boys I saw them play right here at home!!!!!