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My daily affirmation

I wrote this a while back, and keep it usually near my desk, or have had it near the sink where I brush my teeth and can see it daily.If this is my highest good and will be that of all life everywhere...Please open my eye to oneness, truth, purity, good, love, and beauty.  Make me a beacon of light where there is darkness, and the unseen vibration in a chord that reverberates in the heart of every living thing.  Give me the strength of acceptance and forgiveness and the ability to love...

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Way Back Whensday- Skydiving & Taking the Next Leap of Faith

Hey it's 11:57, technically still Wednesday, so I can still post for today's Way Back Whensday.I’m about to take another leap in my life with this move back to St. Louis.  I’m faced with both immense excitement and trepidation.  The last time I can remember feeling this way was about 8 years ago when I was about to leap out of a plane.  I was soon to be leaving to the Peace Corps and anticipating I would be gone for two years, my brother wa [...]

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June 19, 1995-2013 Happy 18/10 Anniversary My Love

What a great time to begin my 'Way Back Whensdays' posts, considering today is my wife and I's anniversary.  For those interested in sappy stories, here’s one for you. A little over 18 years ago, I was waiting to get into the high school band room for practice.  There, waiting with me was my friend Amanda Grooms.  Then walked in was this pretty girl with short hair, dimples, blue eyes, the cutest laugh, blue jeans and a black turtleneck.  Amanda introduced...

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St. Louis, I'm coming home

It seems an auspicious time to begin my blog finally.  After much discussion with my wife, we've finally made the choice to move back to St. Louis where we're from.  Fairfield, IA has been our home for the last 15 years or so, but since having the kids, we really miss being near family.  We both grew up close to grandparents who had a significant role in our lives.  Stephanie and I love Fairfield, but feel we're sort of depriving the family of the joy of their grandkids, niec...

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