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Well, it's been over two years in the making to find this lineup of musicians. Larry the drummer and me, the bassist, have been playing together for over two years now, and through some stroke of luck Jeremy showed up to play guitar. Then came the agonizing search for a lead vocalist that would fit in with us, and want to work hard to produce an amazing show for y'all. Months went by, we tried a couple of guys but things just didn't work out. We finally put an ad on Craigslist, and lo and behold, here came Scott Allen from out of nowhere and blew us away. All the way from San Diego California to the county roads of Indiana, by way of Texas, he had been living about ten minutes from where we practiced all along. He was the missing piece we had been searching for, and two and a half months later we are ready to go! I can't wait to get out and play for y'all! This show at Visions on Saturday night is sure to be an entertaining evening, with our buddy Chris McCombs's band the Undercover All*Stars heading the bill! I can't wait! Y'all have a good one! -- Kevin \m/