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Radio Interview today 8PM Eastern

Hey folks, I'm being interviewed about my songwriting by Stephen Horton aka the Rezinator on his program Highway of Dreams on Motivational Radio this evening 8PM Eastern time, 12 noon New Zealand time. Come join us, just click on the radio button at http://motivational-radio.com/

Rezinator  (over 2 years ago)

thanks luigi was a great inter view indeed cheers rez..

Watch Me Daddy

Hey there. I've just uploaded my new song which I finished on the weekend. It's called Watch Me Daddy and is written for allfathers and daughters.

I'm working on writing songs that people will like and for this one I took inspiration from Trace Adkins hit, You're Gonna Miss This, which is a great song.

I hope you like my new song and if you do, please tell lots of other people about it, thanks:)

White Island

On Monday I had the good fortune to visit White Island which is about 35 miles off the coast of New Zealand. It is an ocean volcano. Very exciting. Must be a song in there somewhere, or perhaps about the 60 odd dolphins that surrounded the boat on the trip back:)

I Tilted

2 weeks ago I tilted at my Monday night Texas Holdem Tournament.

I was one of 10 players left in the tournament and we were heading towards the final table, which besides a nice bartab, the points go towards the regional finals. I had $13,000 in chips, which wasn't very much, but it was ok. I was Big Blind which was $4,000 compulsory buy in. The guy next to me said, I will put you all in blind, that means he was going to bet my $13,000 without looking at his cards. I wasn't going to do it, because if I didn't bet I would still have$9,000 and get on the final table. Then the organiser chipped in and said it's a really good bet and I had the potential to double up my chips. I wasn't going to because I was confident (and proved right) that the next hand would decide the last table. Anyway I took the bet, lost and wen home. If I hadn't tilted, I couldn't have done worse than 7th because 2 other people went down at the same time as me.

So I drive home really annoyed with myself, but the result was that I turned the analogy of doing something against your personal rules, in this case having an affair and wrote the song which I posted onto my site last night, called I Tilted.

Just finished my new blues song

The song is called Blues in an Air Conditioned Room. I was asked to write a blues song for an album currently being recorded by some artists from the US, Australia and NZ. I only finished it today so they haven't heard it yet. I won't say who they are until they have accepted it and the album has been cut:)