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Odessa CD

Hello All, I'm playing in a band call Odessa, where I'm lead guitarist, record producer, arranger and composer (with others band's members ) . I'll post soon the raw mix of some songs. So you'll be able to hear how it sound first!!! About the recording we choose to not over produce the recording and stay true with our live performance (so no auto-tune, no time adjustement, only real performance...) I really hope you'll enjoy that energic rock music! Enjoy and fly safe NG

Working on a new single

Hello Everybody, I'm currently working on a tune for the next single, It will be a mix between rock/blues/funk with some cool harmonies and some guitar solos...

Hope you'll like it

more soon


EP available


you can support me and buy my first EP (2009) here, or on www.cdbaby.com/cd/nicolasgarcia or here nicolasgarcia.bandcamp.com

Thanks for your support it will help me to record my next cd faster with your help!