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A bit about us

We're five-member Rock band Diamond Freaks but we're much more than just five people playing on their instruments, more than just friends. We became a family. Five different personalities, many fateful meetings, one big dream and the same life style. Yeah we're family of freaks and everyone of us is really important. That's something what we wanna show to people and especially to our fans. We wanna show em that they're part of it all, that they're not alone and that it's time to have some fun and rock the world. We're sick of the music scene and our intention is bring rock'n'roll back at the top. We see a lot of great bands and rock fans and we believe that this generation of young rockers can start this rock'n'roll revolution. So what are we waiting for? Let's do it!..I think that our music is very specific, energic and it's just rock'n'roll right from our hearts. It's hard to talk about our inspiration because all members of Diamond Freaks are working on our music. There's plenty of ideas and inspiration from each of us. We got many idols from Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne or Skid Row to Guns'n Roses, Hanoi Rocks and so on and on and on but our intention is to be original like no band before.....We're Diamond Freaks!