New songs up! "Recording" for all my music heads! Hulkshare/Iamjblock "Chasing My Dreams" @ hit Instagram as well! Its #WELDONMUSIC (Well Done) #Jblock

History repeats Itself

Look at were fashion is today! Everything 80s retro gear! From the glasses to the hats! And lets not talk about the shoes!!... The same J's people going crazy over are the same ones i had in elementary! Jordan NEVER has to make another shoe! like has he done a different design in the last 5 years?? just spruced up an older design or two! lol #SetForLife Know his kids get #FreeJays #4Life Throwback Pumas, Cuffs in jeans, Snapbacks, Raybans, Gold crazy! HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!! #Throwback #Vintage #RandomThought #Jblock

NewMusic vs OldMusic

#RandomThought I hear so much about the new music now days! How its not lyrical and its watered down! Thing is you dont have to listen to it! Its a lot of artisrt who still respect good lyrical content with the same beats they crave today! Dont listen to radio much but i tune in every once in awhile! Although i dont listen to a lot of the latest music I respect a lot of the new Artist grinds & were the game is today! Businessmen! Still i find myself going back to Tupac, Juvy, Lox, Nas, 400degreez, 8ball&Mjg, TiP, Lil Wayne: Lights Off..What you think? New vs Old?