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The Noctambulant has started the recording process of songs to be used for an upcoming release in 2014. Hail Metal !!!

Available soon on itunes !!!

Uploaded the song "Evil Calling" from the 2013 release Dreams of Rotten Silence EP.

Social Media

We have created a Twitter account in addition to our Facebook. So please check us out on both if you haven't done so already! Follow us, like us, and HAIL METAL


The Noctambulant Demo EP

Hello everyone, the 2013 demo songs are posted on Reverbnation. Enjoy the metal that is The Noctambulant. Hail Metal !!!

Forward progress

We've added a new song to the Reverbnation page and Franseth is diligently working to release a few more new tracks. Recording for the demo is all wrapped up and we are very excited with the results! Hail Metal!

The Darkness Ahead

Its been a busy few weeks in The Noctambulant camp. The demo is nearing completion and samples have been sent out to various media outlets for review. After this upcoming show with The Vile Impurity, we plan on hitting the practice room hard and continuing to write new songs, all with the goal of recording an EP by the years end. Thanks for the support and Hail Metal!