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Rocking return

Our official return is tomorrow night at Phibbs in Fieldstone village. Be there at 8 and we'll celebrate together.

Back in action

Rehearing again in preparation for Mars Theater May 10th.

Final Countdown

Practice tonight and tomorrow, then two days rest, then look out Acoustic Cafe.

R.A.D. Rich on bass

Hope my :30-45 min of learning Wait & Love Song created somethin' every1 can JAM to. Later, Rich

In The Studio

We will finally have all the members together this week for rehearsal and to hopefully record a few songs. Working on a cover of "Tesla - Love Song" that is going to be Killer!!

racinrich  (over 4 years ago)

Hope next recordings allow me more than 30 min of learning song. LOL. Still had an gr8 time though.

Here we go!

Just getting this site going. Join in and lets Rock!