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Crazy about color!!

Music is about diversity of taste and feelings,Message and art.Music should build and fill the listeners with a longing for peace and acceptance of diversity .Music is beautiful.Your music should heal wounds,not open them to make them hurt some more.


To all those Refugee moms and dads having to tuck their little ones on a wet mat in a wet tent in Idomeni in Greece ,my heart and prayers go out to you!May you find a home soon to have a dry bed for your loved ones,enough food to feed them and a wonthy treatment as humans from those who have a say in this issue.

Deeds!..No Blah Blahs!!

Dont talk of what good you will do the world,do the talk you want to do.show the world that good part in you.We arent perfect,but we should try to better our world starting with where we are.

waking up...

It is nonbodys business to look for your success if you yourself wouldnt get your butt off the ground. oh never mind.am just talking to myself.Have a beautiful sunday pals.

chrismas is around the corner...

wishing you all a beautiful time as you prepare for the memory of the messiahs coming...beautiful time with friends and family.love you guys...and dont forget beautiful music..

The next project....

Working hard to get the goals achieved....

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new stuff

lots of stuff on the way this year...new music and music videos, new sounds and dreams.join in and keep checkng...dont miss the fun...and visit my store om Amazon and iTunes...thankyou...have a blessed 2015.

july 20th...at mosaik in Denkendorf...

A meeting of all generations to share time and fellowship...if you are near you are welcome...we will be doing the message and the music.