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The Origin of Songs - Part 6

Hi everyone,

we are back on the blog to give some background on our newest song: Come back to me. You can listen to a sample here on Reverbnation. We composed it during our 24h nonstop band practice and finished it during the night between the 22 and 23 March. This recording was done at 6am, 21 hours into our charity event. The full version will be available soon, and all proceedings will go to War Child. The song is the story of a young boy who has seen the horrors of war, and now he is the one with the gun in his hand. Echoes of voices of his family and friends telling him to come back run through his head. No matter what he has seen or done, he is still their beloved.

Many thanks to the people who contributed the sentence "You are my beloved" in their original languages. All of you will be in the final version of the song, and will receive full credits.

This has been an amazing experience and it's been wonderful to share it with so many of you.

Thanks for staying with ME.

The Origin of Songs - Part 5

Hi everyone, we just want to share with you the great creative week that we just had. On Friday Ang told Daniel and Richard that she wanted to write a song for two friends of hers who were getting married soon. The song had to be centered around a watch and had to be titled "Time to be happy". The day after Daniel sent Ang his latest creation called Turbo Bossanova. She loved it On Sunday Ang had to take the kids to several birthday parties and she tried out some lyrics in the car while driving them around. By Sunday night Ang had the lyrics for the song all written down. On Monday she sang the song to Daniel and RIchard at lunchtime. The guys liked it. On Thursday they recorded the vocals. Richard stayed up late to finish the mix. Today the song was ready and was sent to the happy couple :) Isn't that amazing? That's the magic of music. Thanks for listening and stay with ME.

The Origin of Songs - Part 4

Today's song is Faith in the Human Race. Pretty self-explanatory, I guess. It's simply the story of each one of us, needing some support from another fellow human being to make it through the day, the week, the year, etc. But it's also the story of how we are all the same, we share the same needs, and we also share the same planet...so we need to take care of it, and of each other. In a word, we need to have faith.

The Origin of Songs - Part 3

Hi everyone, today it's the turn of Love Hangover. It's actually pretty self-explanatory: have you ever been dumped by your boyfriend/girlfriend? Well, if you have then you will know what the pain in the middle of the chest feels like. The worse time after a break-up is, however, the morning after when you wake up and you remember what happened. That's the hangover part. So don't do that to someone who loves you, especially not on a Sunday ;) ! ME

The Origin of Songs - Part 2

Hello, back again for more stories about the songs. This time is about "So help me please". The original titles were: "A word with my angel", "A conversation with my angel", "Guardian angel"...you get the idea. The song is about a woman who's talking to her guardian angel and telling him off for not being there for her at crucial moments of her life. The song is set in Paris, France and there are a few references to the city: the "Biblioteque (Nationale de France)" and "Les Halles". Ever since writing the song, I heard back from the Guardian Angel in question: he claims he was right there next to her, but he had to let her make her choices. He also added that he really likes the song. Which shows that angels do not get offended very easily ;) Thanks for reading, and talk to you soon. M.E.

The Origin of Songs - Part 1

Hello ,it's been a while - been very busy with the rest of my life. I just thought I would like to talk to you about the story behind the songs. I will start with Holiday in Venice, 'cause that's a summer tune and it's almost summer ;) ! Holiday is the story of a girl who is vacationing in Venice. While she enjoys sightseeing, she is approached by several characters: in Saint Mark Square it's a left-wing intellectual who is fond of Karl Marx' work, and also of himself; and in the Church San Salvador, it's a professor of art history, surely expert in Titian but not so much on how to talk to a modern girl. It's very convenient the girl does not speak Italian so that she can get rid of these two quite easily. Finally the girl meets an unassuming musician who is playing his guitar in one of the street in Venice. Attracted by the music, the girl falls in love with the artist. And she decides to move to Italy. The song is all about empowerment and modern women making their own decisions. This song was inspired by my Italian girlfriends - extremely empowered women - you girls rock!

Talk to you soon, and thanks for reading. ME (Ang)

Just a brief one...

....to say that I am still in awe at the amount of support that I am receiving by the artist community! I feel quite overwhelmed. And I am discovering great music. Thanks to all. ME

Facebook likes

Hi everyone, I have been reflecting on the notion of Facebook likes. Yesterday I was offered Facebook likes if I paid a large amount of money (how large depends on how many you want). What is the point of that? Today I was told that you cannot like from band's pages (everybody knows that! Except ME). So you have to have a personal Facebook account which I don't have. So my question is: are we being dooped with this business of FB likes???? Thanks for reading, talk to you later. ME


Hi everyone, need to share this one. We started a new fan campaign on Reverbnation thanks to the generous donation of one of our fans (Rossana). Today I opened up a Doodle page to start a pool, and what do I see? My big face on the banner advertising for the music of Magnetic Echoes!!!! I almost fell off my chair. I had forgotten all about it, but the campaign was running, so I saw my own ad online. It is weird and funny at the same time to see oneself "out there", being marketed as any other product ;)

Thanks for reading, and talk to you soon. ME